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What is the difference between stock and inventory?

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The difference between stock and inventory is that stock is what you have if you're selling items. Inventory includes what you have as your belongings.
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What is the difference between stocks and bonds?

Stocks (aka Equities): Stocks represent partial ownership of a  corporation. If the corporation does well, its value increases, and  you share in the appreciation. However,

What is the difference between periodic inventory and perpetual inventory?

Periodic inventory method calculate ending stock at the end of  the accounting period, which could be Month to Date or Year to  Date, while Perpetual inventory system calcul

What is the difference between independent-demand inventories and dependent-demand inventories?

  An independent demand is a demand that is not based on the demand for another item while a dependent demand is based on the demand for another item. For example, the d

What is the difference between perpetual and periodic inventory?

  Hope this helps...   Periodic Inventory System     Perpetual Inventory System     Inventory account and cost of goods sold are non-existent until the ph

Distinguish between in-process inventory and safety stock inventory and seasonal inventory?

  In-process inventory   Inventory need for the ongoing process and kept at a level that production will not be affected.   Safety stock inventory   Inventory

What is stock inventory?

Stock inventory is the total items with the person who is doing business. Stock means the goods which are with one when one is selling items or goods. Inventory means all the

What is the difference between questionnaire and inventory?

They are both examples of surveys. Generally a questionnaire asks questions, often requiring relatively simple answers, sometimes using a rating scale, sometimes just true or

The difference between inventory control and inventory management?

  "Inventory Control" focuses on the process of movement and accountability of inventory. This consists of strict polices and processes in regards to:   · The physi

Difference between perpetual inventory system and periodic inventory?

Periodic is what most small businesses use. Once a year, or whenever (periodically), a count is done, and that is how inventory levels are accounted for. When goods are purcha

What is the difference between inventory and warehousing?

Inventory is a control which establishes optimum levels of stocking of materials and equipment for a particular process. It establishes a record keeping system to record the l

What are the differences between raw material inventory and finish product inventory?

These are some differences in the general cases. FINISHED PRODUCT INVENTORY | RAW MATERIAL INVENTORY / Usually there is no lead time | Usually there is a lead time / Quantiti

What is the difference between phonetic inventory and phonemic inventory?

A phonemic inventory is an inventory of all the distinctive sounds  (or phonemes in a given language.    A phonetic inventory describes the inventory of all speech sou

What is the difference between an inventory coordinator and an inventory analyst?

To my opinion Inventory coordinator is a person who monitors the material movement from one place to another (intransit stock monitor) untill it reaches from source to destina

What is the difference between a stock and a penny stock?

A regular stock is one that has proven itself and has grown much past the micro-cap stage. They are on an exchange like NASDAQ and as a company are worth much more than a micr