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What is the difference between the bar graph and chart?

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A bar graph is a type of chart in which data (usually absolute quantities) is shown as bars either vertically or horizontally. Each bar can further be split up into sections.

Another chart type is the pie chart in which data (most often parts of a whole, percentages, etc.) is shown as wedges of a circular "pie".
Another chart type is a scatter plot where data is plotted as discrete points perhaps connected with a trend line.
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What is the difference between a histogram and a bar graph?

a histogram has intervals a bar graph does not Answer A histogram has all the bars smooshed together while a bar graph has them apart. A bit more detail: A histogram loo

What is the difference between line graphs and bar graphs?

one is a line and the other one are bars ^^^that is a silly answer. ^^^^that is a funny answer! the real answer is that line graphs are better at demonstrating something w

What is The difference between a bar chart and a line chart?

  A bar chart is a series of vertical or horizontal bars, varying in height (or length) to reflect the value of each piece of the data on which the chart is based. In the

How is a bar graph different from a chart?

A bar graph shows statistics in a horizontal and vertical way so  that it is easy to compare one year from the next or one month to  the next. A chart, is usually either a c

Difference between bar chart and histogram?

A histogram is one kind of bar chart.    Bar charts   If we want to represent the data collected about qualitative  variable then a bar chart is the simplest metho

What is the difference between in bar chart and gantt chart?

Although the terms are often used as synonyms they are not the  same. A Gantt chart is a specific type of bar chart.   Gantt did not invent the bar chart, the concept of b
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What is the difference between a bar graph and a histogram?

   What is the difference between a bar graph and a  histogram?  There are two differences, one is in the type of data that is  presented and the other in the way th