What is the difference between the book Rapunzel and the movie tangled?

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Rapunzel in the book was not a princess, Rapunzel was stolen because her mother would die and not give birth to Rapunzel if she didn't get some of the witch's Rapunzel plant, which she craved so Rapunzel's father stole some. When he did it again, the witch caught him, and threatened him to either give her the baby when it was born, or be turned into a frog(ask me why again she really needs the rapunzel, she has alot more). He decided to give her the baby(Terrible parenting), instead of being stolen from Mother Gothel for her hair. In the book, she only had long hair, whereas in the movie, her hair Lit up , could heal wounds and scratches, and make one younger when she sang a song. There is a prince in the story, where instead Flynn is in the movie. The prince finds Rapunzel by hearing her singing from afar. Flynn finds her because he is looking for somewhere to hide. The witch finds out about the prince because Rapunzel is impregnated by him(they aren't even married yet). In the movie, she finds his satchel, with a wanted post of him. Instead of needing her hair, the witch lives for a very long time. Instead of trying to hide Rapunzel again, the witch cuts her hair, and banishes her from the tower. When the prince comes back, and yells for her to let down her hair, the witch lets down her cut hair, the prince climbs it, and the witch scratches out his eyes, instead of stabbing him in the back, and killing him for a few seconds. In the movie, she cries over him with just a tiny bit of magic in her tears. In the fairy tale, they bump into each other in the desert. Being so happy just to see the prince, seeing past his blindness, She cries over him, healing the scratches in his eyes, Making him able to see again, and they get married. It doesn't tell in the book whether the witch is dead or not.
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