What is the difference in Pokemon moves from first generation to second generation?

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What is the difference between an Apple iPod Nano 2GB first generation and an Apple iPod Nano 2GB second generation?

How to tell what model iPod nano you have . 1st generation iPod nanos were white or black with acrylic (plastic) faces and chrome backs, and came in 1GB, 2GB, and 4GB capacities.. 2nd generation iPod nanos were aluminum all around, came in several colors (silver, blue, green, pink, red, black) (MORE)

What are the differences with reference to the first second and third generation of Colt SAA handguns?

Answer . 1st generation colts deals with the early model, 1870's up to about 1940's. second generation deals with time from about 1950's to about 1960's. 3d generalion deals with all colt from 1960's on. My dates may not be correct, but you see the time frame has to deal with 1,2,and3d generation (MORE)

If you are moving to a different state what do i do in general?

In addition to providing your new address, if you already know what it will be, to all of your family, friends, and associates with whom you wish to share that information,, you must also be sure to fill out a change of address card with your local post office to ensure that future mail to your prev (MORE)

What is the difference bewtween a first generation iPod touch and second generation iPod touch?

basically, Apple made an upgrade from the original iPod touch to the new one. The new one has better Wi Fi connectivity, a slimmer size than the old one, with built in speakers to boot. Being an iPod touch owner, I have to say it's a very good investment. If your looking for a new iPod, pick an 8 gi (MORE)

Difference between first generation itouch and second generation itouch?

\nThe 1st generation has a box shaped outershell while the 2nd generation has a more comfortable curved grip. The biggest difference is that the 2nd generation has external speakers that can be adjusted with the external volume control. The first generation does not. There are also minor changes lik (MORE)

What is a trait that reappears in the second generation after disappearing in the first generation?

A recessive trait reappears in the 2nd generation. The classic example of this would be Gregor Mendel's pea plant cross. He took 2 pea plants, one short and one tall, cut out some of their reproductive parts so they couldn't self pollinate, and crossed their pollen. However, instead of getting a med (MORE)

What is the difference from a 1st generation iPod and a second generation iPod?

The generation of the iPod is the model. Every time Apple comes out with a new model of a certain iPod, that becomes the latest generation. As far as the original iPods go, the first generation is the one with the four buttons and the second generation was the first one to ever have a click wheel. T (MORE)

What is the difference between first generation and second generation computers?

First Generation Computers refer to ones with vacuum tubes and were really huge and required vast amounts of electricity. The programming was very limited and very complex USN machine language. Usually they were hardwired and the applications very limited.. Second Generation Computer were built usi (MORE)

What are the second generation of Pokemon?

The Pokemon start at #152(chickorita) and end at #251(celebi) The region is the johto region. Games featuring the johto region are Pokemon Gold(GBC), Silver(GBC), Crystal(GBC), Heartgold(NDS), and Soulsilver(NDS) versions. Th newest games are Heartgold(NDS), and Soulsilver(NDS) versions. The starter (MORE)

What are the names of the second generation of Pokemon?

Go to Pokemon.com, look at the pokedex. They have all the Pokemon there. The starters and their evolved forms are: Water - totodile - croconaw -feraligatr Grass - chikorita - bayleef - meganium Fire - cyndaquil - quilava - typhlosion

What is the difference between first generation and second generation pesticides?

The "first generation" pesticides were largely highly toxic compounds, such as arsenic and hydrogen cyanide. Their use was largely abandoned because they were either too ineffective or too toxic. The "second generation" pesticides largely included synthetic organic compounds. ('Synthetic' here mea (MORE)

What is the difference bewtween a second generation iPod touch and thrid generation iPod Touch?

The ipods from last year are all called 'the 3rd generation' in stores. but only the 32 gig and 64 gig are the '3rd generation' the differince: 3rd generations get mic with their headphones, the 3rd generation has a better processor (you can multitask and get a background wallpaper, those featur (MORE)

What are the second generation Pokemon games?

The Second Generation Pokemon games were the ones before Sapphire, Emerald, and Ruby. They were Gold and Silver (Soon to be released as HeartGold and SoulSilver), released together, and finished off by Crystal version in 2001. This generation also saw the release of Pokemon Stadium 2.

How is a first generation solar system different from a second generation solar system?

A first generation solar system would have contained mostly hydrogen and very little if any of the heavier elements. Second generation solar systems, made from the exploded remnants of first generation stars, would have a higher proportion of heavy elements and thus have more rocky planets and star (MORE)

Is a second generation ipod touch different to a third generation ipod touch?

Yes. The internal components in the 3rd generation iPod Touch are the same components found in the iPhone 3GS. These components include a much faster processor and graphics processing from the previous two generations. The 3rd generation also has increased RAM from 128MB in the 1st & 2nd generat (MORE)

What are the key differences between first and second generation cellular systems?

Digital traffic channels: The most notable difference between the two generations is that first generation systems are almost purely analog, where as second generation systems are digital. In particular, the first generation systems are designed to support voice channels using FM; digital traffic (MORE)

How did second generation computers different from first generation computers?

In most systems of classifying computers into generations, first generation computers used vacuum tubes while second generation computers used discrete transistors. Some differences: . first - big, second - not so big . first - generated lots of heat, second - generated less heat . first - high (MORE)

How do you trade Pokemon in the first generation?

In every Pokemon game up to Ruby and Sapphire, you must use what were called "Link Cables". They were manufactured specifically for Game Boy and Game Boy Color consoles. The Game Boy Advance has a different Link Cable to use for it. FireRed and LeafGreen were the first Pokemon games to use Wireless (MORE)

What are the differences between first generation and second generation in laptop?

Most electronic devices are released in different "generations" before a new model is created. A 1st generation laptop means it is an entirely different model than previous laptops from that company. In a 2nd generations laptop, minor changes have been made to the previous model, but not significant (MORE)

What were the major differences between first generation languages and second generation languages?

The main difference is that first generation languages (1GL) are low-level while second generation languages (2GL) are high-level. Before there were any programming languages everything had to be coded manually using machine code, the native language of the machine (0GL if you like). However, it was (MORE)