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What is the different between crab and fish?

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fish have scales and crabs have a shell
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Difference between a crab and a fish?

There are a huge number of differences between a crab and a fish  including the fact that most fish do not have a hard shell or  carapace while most crabs do have this type

What is the difference between a hermit crab and a true crab?

  A hermit crab uses the old shell of another sea animal (ex. snail). I true crab uses its own natural shell.     A hermit crab makes its home in a snail shell or a

What is the difference between fish and sharks?

sharks - have rows of teeth, no scales, can't stop swimming &  can't swim backwards, need constant water flow over gills,  cartilage - no bone, oily liver instead of a swim

What is the difference between a lobster and crab?

A crab has a round body where a lobsters body looks alot more like a giant shrimp with big pincher's crabs also have pincher's too! When you boil a crab it becomes distressed
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What is the difference between crayfish and crabs?

im not sure what the exact answer is but crabs aren't mammals. They are both crustaceans, class malacostraca Crabs and Crayfishes both belong to phylum arthropoda and the sam

What are the similarities and differences between crabs and butterflies?

crab 1. eyes of the crab are quite small. 2. they enable the crab to look all around. 3. the crab can sense even if the enemy approaches from behind. butterflies 1. butt

What is the difference between fish and animal?

Fish are a type of animal. Mammals have internal lungs similar to humans with which they breathe. Fish have external gills so they can breathe underwater. They also have dif