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What is the distance and driving time from Mount Gambier to Adelaide by car?

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From King William Street in Adelaide to Mount Gambier is a distance of 448km. The estimated travelling time is between 4.5 and 5 hours, without breaks.
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Driving distance from Adelaide to Port Fairy?

The driving distance from Adelaide to Port Fairy is about 589 km, and travel time is around 8 hours (without breaks).

What towns are between Adelaide and Mt Gambier?

If travelling by the coastal route, towns include Mount Barker, Tailem Bend, Ashville, Meningie, Kingston S.E., Robe, Beachport and Millicent. If travelling inland, towns inc

What is the driving distance from Adelaide to Port Lincoln?

If you drive the whole way via Port Augusta, the distance is 647km and takes almost six hours, without breaks. The trip can be shortened by 20-25 minutes by catching the fe