What is the distance from judea to samaria?

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Judea is a province or region, as Samaria is a region. So it can't be from Jerusalem (city) to Samaria. The distance travelled by the Lord Jesus would be from the Jordan river in Judea to Samaria en route to Galilee. This would be considerably lesser than the distance between Jerusalem (a city which is on a height) and Samaria. He could have travelled for 5-6 hours if He had started His journey at 6 am.
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The distance from Galilee to Judea?

The distance from Judea to Galilee which Jesus traveled as noted in John chapter 4 is 70 miles. This trip would have taken about 2 1/2 days.

Distance from Judea to Samaria?

Judea is area of mountains that are located closely to Jerusalem.There is approximately 6,070 miles between Judea and Samaria,Michigan.

What did Jesus do in samaria?

In Samaria, Jesus talked to a woman at a well. She then left andbrought back the whole town to hear him.

Where was samaria?

Samaria is in the region that is referred to as the West Bank. To Israel, it is known as the Judea and Samaria Area.

Where is Samaria located?

Samaria was the name of mountainous region in ancient Palestine.That region today is known as the West Bank.

Is samaria a country?

No, Samaria is a region in Israel. It is in what is referred to as the West Bank.
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What was samaria and sychor?

sychor - a town, and samaria a region/state. sychor was within samaria xx