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What is the duration of LatiNation?

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The duration of LatiNation is 1440.0 seconds.
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What is have in Latin?

Habeo-I have Habes- you have (sing) Habet- He/She/It has Habemus- We have Habetis- You have (pl.) Habent- They have

What is and in Latin?

The most common word for "and" in Latin is probably "et," although there are other words that mean "and" in Latin. To name a few, "ac," "atque," and "-que." The last one is an

What do you do in Latin?

In the school subject, you'd typically learn about the language (grammar, vocabulary, translation, etc.) and history of the Roman Empire.

What is am in Latin?

"I am" in Latin is "sum." "You (sing.) are" = "es" "He/she/it is" = "est" "We are" = "sumus" "You (pl.) are" = "estis" "They are" = "sunt"

Have in Latin?

habeo - i have habemus - we have habes - you have habetis - you (all) have habet - he has habent - they have