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What is the duration of Lef?

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The duration of Lef is 1.5 hours.
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How many lemurs lef in the world?

There are 82 current living lemurs accounted for, there may be more. also only 22 species in the world and they are all only in Madagascar and Comoros Islands.

How many tigers are lef?

There are nearly 5000 tigers in the wild, many times more than that in zoos.

What does Lef Ou mean in french?

Speaking out "Lef Ou", I can hear "Il est fou", which means "He's crazy". But it is only an assumption as a. it is not spelled right, and b. no context is provided.

What actors and actresses appeared in Lef - 1999?

The cast of Lef - 1999 includes: Jorgen Appel as Matroos Jeroen Becx as Orkest-lid Lia Bolte as Productieleidster Silfrere Delhaye as Jurist Rick Engelkes as Luc Cees Geel as