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If you were a singer at a music concert, hopefully the fans would be screaming. Hopefully. The musicians can't hear themselves play with all that screaming! They need a special hearing device to let them hear themselves.
Actually, the fans' noise has little to do with the musicians not being able to hear themselves. It is their own music that causes the problem. Not because it's too loud, (even though it probably is) but because even a moderate amount of ambient noise can prevent a singer from hearing themselves well enough to know if they are singing on key. If you watch a large choir singing, often you will see several of the singers holding a hand up to one side of their head - plugging one ear so they can hear themselves to know if they are on key or not. Try it yourself close to a loud radio. You will hear the difference, plugging one or both ears or not plugging either.
Finally, the device does provide hearing protection for musicians where the sound next to those monster speakers can easily reach 130 db or more. +++ The trick that ear-closing uses is bone conduction, of that part of your voice reaching your ear internally being artificially above that coming through the air. It's also used by solo singers even when ambient noise is not very high.
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Why do musicians wear ear pieces when playing?

that is their monitor. when you perform, the sound that goes into the audience is called the "house mix", and it is balanced to produce the best sound for the audience. but