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What is the eligibility for the btc course?

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It is graduation in UP.
Basudev Sharma
BA, DME, MBA (Operation)
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How do you get job after BTC?

its not necessary that you will get a job after completing btc. its just a certificate which says that you are eligible and enough ready to teach at primary or secondary level

Eligibility for vishist btc job in uttar pradesh?

Graduate candidates with Bachelor of Education degree are eligible for the post of Primary and Higher Primary Teachers' Post. Recruitment of which is scheduled to be completed

Eligibility for doing a SAP course?

SAP stands for Systems Application and Products, a German initiative company started by a few executives from IBM. Like our academic education which requires some eligibility

Who are eligible for preparatory course in IIT-jee?

One year preparatory course for SC/ST candidates is offered to improve their intake in the B.Tech programme. Generally 30 to 40 candidates from the non-qualified candidates li

What are physical eligibility for aeronautical engineering courses?

  Aeronautical Engineering is a study where, like other engineering, the mind is much more important that any kind of physical ability. Engineers do many kinds of work, bu

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Is nababharat shiksha parishad btc course is approved by ncte?

Nababharat Shiksha Parishat has achieved recognition among various educational bodies for certain courses and departments. According to the web site, applications for accredit
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Who is eligable?

Who is eligible depends on what they are applying for. Often  whether or not they will be approved is based on a time frame or  age.