What is the equivalent db level when listening to earphone or headphone volume?

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dB is short for Decibel, or one tenth of a bel. Bels and decibels are unlike any other measurement, because an addition of ten means double the loudness of the noise. For example: 60 decibels is the noise generated from a regular conversation, however, 70 decibels is double the noise; and 80 is double that.
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If you are at home, for the best effect, use speakers. For personal listening so as not to disturb others, then use your headphones, but be careful about the volume level with
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What is db levels?

The decibel (db) is a logarithmic unit that indicates the ratio of a physical quantity (usually power or intensity) relative to a specified or implied reference level

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What amount of volume is safe for me to listen to with headphones?

Not an easy question. To start with, noise levels are measured indecibels, abbreviated as dB(A), and measurement of these levelsrequires specialized equipment, so it's not jus