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What is the formula for power using force time and distance?

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P= W/T
power= work divided by time
or we can calculate power by P=F*S   power= force times speed
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What is the unit for work when using the formula distance over time?

The formulas are W = Fd (work = force x distance) P = W/t (power = work divided by time) and W = Pt Which means that P = Fd/t (power = force x distance divided by time

What is the formula for distance with force and time?

We know, F = m*f, [ m = mass, f = accelaration] or,F = m*(dv/dt), [dv/dt = change of velocity with respect to time] or,F=m*(d^2x/dt^2) [v = dx/dt]. Solving this differ

What is the formula used to find distance?

The distance travelled by an object in a given time is given by:    Distance = Speed * Time      Alternatively for an object that is accelerating:  

Formula of distance vs time?

Distance is directly proportional to time.(Which simply means that distance covered by object is directly proportional to time it took) Distance= Time*Speed * is the multipli