What is the full form of HTC?

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High Tech Computer

Hong Kong Telephone Company
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What is HTC and what does it do?

HTC is a foreign phone company but has been making phones for the US for years now.They had the first touch screen phones before they became popular. I think they started with

What is the Full form of IN?

full form of IN is INDIA ---------------------------------------------- IN stands for Indian National International Networking Introducing Negotiation

Full form of HTC?

HiTech Computers, is the name of the electronic company from Taiwan

What is the full form of BE?

BE: Bachelor of Engineering BTech: Bachelor of Technology These can be used inter changeably. Some universities give the degree of BE and some of BTech. Universities in UK

What is the full form?

The full form of something is the words that make up an acronym.For example, the full form of MBA is the Major League BaseballAssociation.

Full form of WILL?

WILL is a helping verb stands for some purpose. Wireless Land Line. Worldwide Internet Link Library.

What is a full form of A?

A as the first alphabet in English Language and has its origin in the Greek first numerical ALFA. A single initial could stand for many things -e g: a singular article
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What is the full form of the IT?

well..here are 3 fullforms depending on place.: Information Technology( means it is related to computers): the branch of engineering that deals with the use of computers and
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The full form of WHO?

WHO stands for "World Health Organization" The World HealthOrganization (WHO) is a specialized agency of the United Nations.