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What is the function of leucoplast in plant cells?

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The function of the leucoplast is to store items such as oil, starch, or protein, until the cell requires within.
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What are the functions of the organelles in the plant cell?

structure/function: animal cell structure: plant cell structure: outer boundry of the cell cell membrane cell membrane contains genetic material(DNA) nucleus nucleus long, unc

What is the function of a plastid in a plant cell?

In plastids function varies with plastid type. Leucoplasts main function is storage, subtypes of leucoplasts include amyloplasts (store starch granules), proteinoplasts (store

What is the functional difference between chloroplast and leucoplast?

Chloroplasts are green pigment used in the process of photosynthesis found in leaves. Leucoplasts are colourless and are the storehouse of minerals and other nutrients found

What is function of the plant cell wall?

To keep out unwanted substances and give the cell structure.

What is leucoplast?

  I'm actually doing that for my science organelle project. A leucoplast is a colorless organelle found in plant cells usually used to important biosynthetic functions as

What are the functions of the vacuole in plant cell?

It is a jelly-like container, holding extra supplies that the cell will use in the future(food, oxygen etc.)

What are the parts of a plant cell and its function?

There are 5 parts in a plant cell. 1) Nucleus- Controls all the activities in the cell. Contains genetic information. 2) Cell Membrane- Control substances in and out of the c

Functions of parts of a plant cell?

Well there are specific types of organelles in plant cells. Like the Vacuole stores food, water, and waste. The Nucleus commands the parts in the cell like the human brain. Th

What are the parts and functions of a plant cell?

Parts of a plant cell include nucleus, cytoplasm, vacuole,  chloroplast, mitochondria, nucleolus, nuclear membrane, cell wall,  smooth and rough endoplasmic reticulum and go
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What is the function of a plants cell wall?

Both plant and animal cells have a cell membrane on the outside which acts as a kind of filter to let good and bad stuff move in and out. The cells in most of the plants you w