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What is the function of leucoplast in plant cells?

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The function of the leucoplast is to store items such as oil, starch, or protein, until the cell requires within.
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What is the function of a leucoplast?

Leucoplasts are used as storehouses within the cell. Their major function is storage.

What is the function of a leucoplast in the potato cell?

The leucoplasts can be used for a variety of cellular functions. Like storage of starches or other carbohydrates, synthesizing fatty acids, most amino acids, and tetrapyrrole

What is the functional difference between chloroplast and leucoplast?

Chloroplasts are green pigment used in the process of photosynthesis found in leaves. Leucoplasts are colourless and are the storehouse of minerals and other nutrients found

What are the functions of leucoplasts and chromoplasts?

they are types of plastids. leucoplasts are colourless and store food and found in the underground parts of the plant chromoplasts give colours to petals other than green
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What is the function of leucoplast?

Leucoplast - Leucoplasts are a category of plastid and as such are organelles found in plant cells. They are non-pigmented, in contrast to other plastids such as the chloropla

What is leucoplast?

  I'm actually doing that for my science organelle project. A leucoplast is a colorless organelle found in plant cells usually used to important biosynthetic functions as

What is the function of the vacuole in a plant cell?

The Vacuole of a plant cell storage water for the cell the use when the cell needs it It helps "digest" all of the waste that the plant "eats". expel waste products, just like
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What is the function of stigmasterol in plant cells?

Stigmasterol is a chemical compound found in many plant fats. In addition to being found in plants, it is present in many animals which absorb it through their diets, and in a