What is the function of the uterus?

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A uterus is the place that a fetus develops.
The uterus is where the egg grows and develops so it is very important
  • Uterus is the place in mammals where the embryo gets attached itself and development of baby takes place here.
  • Developing baby gets oxygen and nutrition through uterus.
  • Uterus allows the excretion of carbon dioxide and nitrogenous wastes from the baby.
  • Uterus also supplies antibodies to protect the young one from infectious diseases.
  • During pregnancy, uterus produces progesterone, a hormone for the maintenance of pregnancy.

The job of the uterus is the break down the babies food and to hold the baby in
In human or mammalian reproductive systems in general, there can be no reproduction without a uterus. It is essential. Even in the case of in vitro fertilization, the zygote must be implanted in a uterus in order to gestate. There is as yet no artificial womb, although if we could invent one it would be tremendously useful.
In short,the role of the uterus in mammals is to hold and nourish the growing fetus until it is ready for birth.
It is to be shed every month after ovulation if fertilization doesn't occur.....
The primary function of the uterus is to serve as the site of implantation for a fertilized egg and to support the embryo/foetus throughout its development during pregnancy. The uterus is also the site of menstruation.
the woman produces and births the baby. obviously...
The primary function of a uterus is to receive and nourish a growing embryo.
The uterus is the structure in a female mammal in which unborn entities are carried during pregnancy. Eggs produced by the ovaries reside in the uterus for their duration of fertility, after which, if they are not fertilized, they are expelled during ovulation, along with the uterine lining. The uterus is critical to mammalian reproduction.
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What is the primary function of the uterus?

The uterus . receives, retains and nourishes a fertilized ovum. . protects and nurtures the embryo and fetus prior to birth. . contracts to help deliver the baby at birth

What is the function of the wall of uterus?

The endometrial lining of the uterine wall provides the rich environment for a fertilized egg to latch onto and grow. The uterine wall itself is made of thick muscle which pro
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What are the functions of the lining of the uterus?

it holds the developing baby in the uterus and if the egg is not fertilised comes out of the vagina as blood(this is called menstrauation). edit this answer to say whether it
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What is the function of uterus and cervix?

The function of the cervix is to allow flow of menstrual blood fromthe uterus into the vagina, and direct the sperms into the uterusduring intercourse.