What is the gemstone of Punjab?

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Gemstone mostly used in Punjab are Emerald and Ruby, The studded jewellery of Emerald & Ruby really gives a royal look to your jewellery, I have tried it from RK Jewellers Amritsar
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Where do you find Gemstones?

Gemstones are mainly found by volcanoes, because they are formed below the crust, and the volcano pushes them to or near the surface. Gemstones can be found in any part of the world, though, but the real question is whether you are willing to dig for them and/or get lucky.

What is an enhanced gemstone?

Enhanced: Nearly all gemstones available today have been enhanced to bring out their best color or to strengthen them. For example, an accepted industry practice in the polishing process for sapphires involves heating the stones to bring out their color. This process simply extends what nature (MORE)

How do gemstones form?

Gemstones are mineral crystals that have the desirable characteristics of hardness, color, and clarity, and are usually formed underground through the effects of pressure and heat.

What is a gemstone?

A gemstone can be a precious or semiprecious stone, a mineral crystal, or a mineraloid (such as amber) which can be used to fashion an object of adornment or beauty. a precious stone that is considered rare and reflects light in an unusual way.

Why are gemstones important?

Gemstones often symbolize important events such as engagements ormarriage. Some people also believe they have healing powers orinfluence over the mood of any location.

What is gemstone?

Any material which has the three basic qualities of beauty, rarity and durability can be fashioned as a gemstone.

What are gemstones used for?

Gemstones are use for their beauty, and so in jewelry. as this person said before this edit, can be used as jewelry. Gemstones can also be used as tools. have you ever heard of a diamond drill bit? well, that has little tiny diamonds in the bit. minerals can be in toothpaste such as fluoride and flu (MORE)

How are gemstones made?

Gemstones are not made, in fact they are raw minerals, crystals that reside in the Earth's crust. We mine these minerals, and then often treat them or heat them, cut and polish them to give them cut, clarity and brilliance. No actually mate they are not man made they are made of rock colliding toge (MORE)

A Green gemstone?

Emerald is a dark green. A light green gem is Peridot. A semi-precious stone that is green would be Jade.

Names of gemstones?

Just a List for you: Aquamarines Diamonds Opals Pearl Ruby Sapphiers Spinels Topaz (These are tbe main gem names there are subcategories too I believe...

What is the June gemstone?

Month of June. Birthstone: Pearl or Moonstone. Zodiac gemstone for gemini: Agate. Zodiac gemstone for cancer: Emerald. Talismanic stone: Emerald

What is the hardest gemstone?

Hardness - Hardness may be defined as a material's resistance to scratching. The diamond is the hardest gemstone and the hardest substance known in nature. Nothing can scratch a diamond except another diamond. However, diamonds and many other "hard" gemstones can chip. (Please see the Related Lin (MORE)

Why are gemstones valuable?

All gemstones are not valuable. Many gems start from 0.20$ percarat too. Mostly all opaque stones are cheap in prices andtransparent stones come high in prices.

What gemstones are considered common gemstones?

Aquamarine, Tourmaline, Beryl, Garnet, Amber, Onyx, Moonstone, Peridot, Spinel, Zircon, Carnelian, Turquoise, Topaz, Agate, Lapis Lazuli, Jade, Chrysoberyl, Tanzanite, Emery, Opal and Amethyst. There are so many but that should be good enough.

What are the common gemstones?

The birthstones. January's is the garnet. February's is the amethyst. March's is the aquamarine. April's is the diamond. May's is the emerald. June's is the pearl. July's is the ruby. August's is the peridot. September's is the sapphire. October's is the opal. November's is the citrine. and Decembe (MORE)

How do gemstones get color?

That's a great question (not really). They get color from the magic color fairies who sprinkle their magic dust all over. Isn't that great? Ask that next time, my god.

What is a green gemstone?

Well there are a couple of gemstones that are green. August's birthstone is peridot, which is a yellow green color and the May birthstone is an Emerald which is a darker green. A semi-precious stone that is green would be Jade. See Related Links for more information.

What is the gemstone for May?

Month: May. Traditional Birthstones: Emerald, Agate. Modern Birthstones: Emerald The Emerald of the grass green variety, from the mineral beryl, of which a small amount of chromic oxides contribute to the green color (there are various green colors in the emerald family). The gem is softer than ru (MORE)

What is a druzy gemstone?

it is one that is encased or combined with another stone or rock naturally. Therefor e the actual gemstone is part of the whole piece

Who are punjabs?

The word Punjab is a combinded word punj-ab punj means 5 and ab means water so it means 5 waters(land of 5 waters), as you know its a state in India. So the people who live in this area are considered to be punjabis (religion,etc). .

Where can you buy gemstones?

The internet like eBay and such, and sometimes you can get lucky and find a geology stand at a craft show or something. I once bought a raw, uncut emerald at a craft show for $25.00 On the internet for loose stones, from someone who has them, in stores like jewelers or department stores for gem (MORE)

What is the gemstone of Georgia?

Georgia State Gem: Quartz. In 1976, quartz was chosen as the official state gem. It is common in Georgia and found in a wide variety of colors.

How do you identify a gemstone?

Colour, shape physical traits on the stone itself. Try to google "gemstone" in images. It will lead you to many websites about gemstones, rocks and minerals. They are fascinating and vary in colour, hardness and rarity. You're question is very vague. If there was more information I could probably (MORE)

Is a mineral a gemstone?

Gemstones are minerals but not all minerals are gemstones, as some minerals are very common and have little aesthetic or monetary value.

Is gemstone an oxymoron?

If they were opposite then they would be an oxymoron but, they are the same so, I would say a redundancy.

What are disadvantages of gemstones?

1) They are expensive 2) As they are luxury items - they bring differences in society (like status symbol) 3) In countries like India they promote superstition - (Like birthstones. No stone/gemstone can change your life), ( or no stone can remove evil energies etc..)

What are the uses of Gemstones?

Most importantly and originally for their beauty and durability. All other reasons are means of selling them. Here some healing gemstone uses. It was used by ancient cultures for luck- strength wisdom- happiness- health wealth prosperity.

Punjab national bank of Punjab?

There are branches of National Bank of Pakistan in Punjub provinceof Pakistan. By a self-name, there is no Punjub National Bank ofPunjub in Punjub. But in India, there is a Bank called PunjubNational Bank. It was established in 1849. The Bank has 6968branches, and has over 7000 ATMs across India ser (MORE)

What is the softest gemstone?

Fluorite is the softest gemstone that can be faceted and put in jewelery. It comes in a rainbow of colors but it is extremely fragile.

Why Punjab is called Punjab?

The word "Punjab" is a combination of the Persian Language words panj (Five) and āb (Water), giving the literal meaning of the "Land of Five Rivers". The five rivers after which Punjab is named are the Beas, Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi and Sutlej.

Is mica a gemstone?

The mineral mica is not a gemstone. It is not considered a precious mineral or gem. It is a valuable mineral that has a number of applications, and it is likely you have some mica in your home now. Mica is used in the electronics industry as an insulator beneath semiconductor packages when they ar (MORE)

Is Tuff a gemstone?

No. Tuff is a type of rock formed from volcanic ash. It does nothave any gemlike qualities.

What is lavender gemstone?

There are a few different kinds of gemstones that come in lavender. Amethyst is the one most people are familiar with but others include spinel and purple sapphire. Tourmaline and garnet can also exhibit shades of lavender.

Are amethyst gemstones?

Amethyst is a gemstone. In fact, it is a very popular variety of purple-violet quartz. It is available in fine colors and good sizes but does not demand high prices. A lot of amethyst is heat treated into yellow citrine. In fact, seen in color/price relation amethyst might compete with garnets. The (MORE)

How big are gemstones?

Gemstones all vary in size, very small to hand size and bigger. Most you will find fit in your hand nicely.

Are sapphires gemstones?

sapphires are gemstones are all colors except for red because if the corundum is red it is a ruby or if the corundum is other colors it is a Sapphire.

What are 4 gemstones?

The following are examples of 4 gemstones: Chrysoberyl, Diamond, Topaz, Turquoise. See the Related Links for more information.

What gemstones are pink?

Pink sapphire, pink tourmaline, rubellite, rose quartz, kunzite, morganite, pink topaz, pink spinel, Pink Diamond

What is Taurus' gemstone?

Different gemstones are related to different people according totheir Date of birth and planets. Wearing a gemstone not suited foryou may also affect in some negative ways. According to Zodiac sign Sapphire, Emerald, Amber and Turquoise areconsidered to be related to Taurus. Aventurine and Emerald a (MORE)

Is zirconium a gemstone?

Zirconium is a chemical element. The gemstone that contains zirconium is called a zircon. Zircon can be found in shades of gold, green and red.

How do you get gemstones?

Gemstones are earth minerals that come in raw form and aftercutting, polishing and finishing it is used in jewelry.

What are some gemstone?

Some examples of gemstones are beryl, amethyst, citrine, diamond, emerald, garnet, hessonite, iolite, moonstone, opal, peridot, ruby, sapphire, topaz and zircon.

Is peridot a gemstone?

Peridot is indeed a gemstone. It comes in shades of green ranging from pale yellow green to deep lime green.

Is a diamond a gemstone?

Indeed, when polished, it is a valuable gemstone. It is made of pure carbon, and is the hardest substance known. But not all diamonds are of equal hardness - or otherwise it would be difficult to polish it.