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What is the geograpical location of the marine biome?

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the earth is filled with alot of water or as you call it the marine. the earth has more water then land
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What are some herbivores in a marine biome?

Herbivores are animals that only eat plants, not meat. One of the major herbivores in a marine biome is a manatee, which eats sea grasses and other aquatic plants. Also, many

What is the Marine biome?

The marine biome experiences a smaller degree of temperature change than the terrestrial biome. (not really) a marine biome is a place where underwater creatures and plants li

Is marine a biome?

 The marine is a biome but is called marine life.   The marine life biome is also the largest biome out of all of them!
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What locations in the world are Tropical Marine Biomes?

Biomes are climatically and geographically defined as similar climatic conditions on the Earth, such as communities of plants, animals, and soil organisms,and are often referr