What is the gerund phrase in this sentence 'These shoes are for jogging'?

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for jogging

The gerund is jogging, in the prepositional phrase "for jogging." The gerund is a noun here.
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Are gerund phrase considered as sentence?

A gerund phrase is not considered a sentence. See below:. waiting for the bus (a gerund phrase, not a complete sentence). While waiting for the bus, I like to listen to musi

What is the gerund in this sentence 'These shoes are for jogging.'?

jogging is the gerund. A gerund is a type of noun formed by adding -ing to a verb, hence jog + -ing . The gerund describes an activity, or, to take it from its Lati
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How are gerund and gerund phrase used in a sentence?

A gerund or gerund phrase functions as a noun, as the subject of asentence or a clause, and as the object of a verb or a preposition.Examples: Fishing is my dad's hobby. (s
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How does a Gerund Phrase function in a sentence?

Gerund phrases, like gerunds alone, function as nouns in a sentence. Like a noun, a gerund phrase can be a subject, a D.O., an object of the preposition, or a predicate noun.