What is the gravity of water?

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The specific gravity for water is 1. However, when the temperature of water increases, the gravity gradually lowers. At 0°C (32°F), gravity is 1. At 100°C (212°F), the specific gravity of water is 0.958. At 300°C (approx. 580°F), it is 0.7.
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Specific gravity of water?

Specific gravity, also known as relative density of water is 1.Actually density of water is SI system of units is 1000kg/m 3. Relative density of any substance is the ratio

Is there gravity in water?

The effect of gravity is what makes objects that are more dense (mass per unit of volume) than water, like rocks, sink to the bottom. Objects that have less density than water

Gravity of an object in water?

The gravity of an object does not change, whether in water, on the ground, or in outer space. Gravity pulls a floating object toward the earth's center (also a tiny bit towa

Can gravity affect the water cycle?

gravitational forces increases surface runoff and it couses natural hazards which afects water bodies eg avalanges,landslides and mudflows
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Why is there gravity on earth but there is no gravity in the water?

The reason why is because of air. Air is just made up of atoms and gravity works on holding down mass and air has no mass. Where water is a liquid and has mass so gravity hold
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Does gravity hold water?

If pool/lake/ocean water floats up: then no, gravity does not hold water. If pool/lake/ocean water does not float up: then yes, gravity does hold water.