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in three shakes of a lamb's tail

faster than you can say "Jack Robinson"

in the blink of an eye

as quick as a bunny

in a flash

quick as a wink
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What is the meaning for idioms?

Idioms are phrases or expressions whose meaning should not be taken literally. I cannot be understood by simply knowing and putting together the ordinary meanings of the separ

What does the idiom get on the ball mean?

It means hurry up. It means to hurry up and start doing whatever you're supposed to be doing, not to keep fooling around doing other things.

What does the idiom get on with it mean?

Hurry up, finish what you started, whats the main part of this question, stuff like that. It's not necessarily and idiom, just a popular saying people use.

What is the meaning of the idiom 'do not upset the penguin'?

I am not aware of this idiom. Supposedly, it is something that occasionally shows up in a fortune cookie. There is no known idiomatic meaning; it's just something humorous to

What does the idiom to catch a bus mean?

get to the bus stop before the bus pulls off. To "catch" a bus, train, plane, or other vehicle just means that you got there on time and boarded. The image is of you chasing

What is the meaning of a idioms vocabulary of the road?

If you mean highway and trucker slang and jargon, here are some: Banging a uey - Making a U-turn. Chicken coop -Trucker's weight station. Fuzz - The police or highway patro

What does the idiom 'there there' mean?

It's a nonsense phrase used when someone is upset or sad. You pat them on the back and say "There, there." You can also say "there, there, everything will turn out right."
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How do you become very very very fast?

if you mean, to become a fast runner then : 1.you need in the morrning at 6 oclock, to exercise, just run for 1 hour or two, but only in the summer exercise, on the holiday