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What is the marginal tax rate on a lump-sum tax?

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The maximum tax bracket or schedule amount would be at 35%.
Go to the IRS.gov web site and use the search box for 2009 federal tax rate schedules go to page 13
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Can a marginal tax rate ever be negative?

  Answer   I don't think so. A marginal rate is the amount you pay on the next $ of income. As our tax brackets are progressive, and with the additional income you g

Can a marginal tax rate ever be 100 or more?

Answer   In the US - NO. Not even close. The marginal rate cannot be higher than the absolute statute rate. While State taxes may also enter the consideration, they are g

Are cost of capital and marginal tax rate included on a cash flow statemnt?

Capital lease payments will affect cash flow from both operating activities and financing activities. A capital lease payment is treated as debt service. The portion of the

Why is marginal cost unaffected by lump sum tax?

Marginal cost is the cost to the firm of producing one more unit of output - it is affected by the same factors that affect variable costs. A lump sum tax does not affect this

What is the marginal tax rate if you pay 25000 in taxes on an operating loss of 100000?

  The question cannot be answerd.   Marginal (or effective rates for that matter), need to be based on taxable, (or perhaps in a convoluted way), book income. Certainly

What is the difference between average tax rate and marginal tax rate?

Average is the total amount of tax divided by the total amount of income...it therefore includes all deductions and tax brackets, usually lower % ones, getting to the total as

What is the tax rate on a gift tax?

  The general rule is: 45%, but there is much more. The U.S. Federal tax rates for gifts are on the same tax rate schedule as the estate tax. If the gift is a "present int

Calculation of Profit After Tax Margin?

  Gross Profit or Earning Before Interest and Tax (EBIT)   Less : Interest   Earning Before Tax (EBT)   Less : Tax   Net Profit or Profit After Tax (PAT)

What is the marginal tax rate and effective tax rate?

  Since deductions and credits (and rates) seem to have an uneven effect, the rate any taxpayer pays on say the first $1 is not the same on the first $1 after $10 mill. Th

The lowest marginal tax rate applied to corporations is?

From form 1120 instructions schedule J line 1 and line 2. A qualified personal service corporation is taxed at a flat rate of 35% on taxable income. If the corporation is a