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"Fushigi Yuugi", although most often translated to English as the title "Mysterious Play", also has a few alternative meanings. "Fushigi" can mean "Mysterious/Wondrous/Magical" in different contexts, whereas "Yuugi" can also mean "Play/Game/Dance". Sometimes it appears under the title "Wondrous Dance", or sometimes "Magical Game". In order to avoid confusion with the very Japanese sounding original name, the show's creators decided that on merchandise and other such products where an English title would be used, the "official" English name for the show would be "The Universe of the Four Gods" (a name obviously derived from the magical book that appears in the story, the "Shi Jin Ten Chi Sho"). * * * "Shi Jin Ten Chi Sho", the mysterious and magical book that appears in Fushigi Yuugi, literally breaks down like this:

Shi - Four
Jin - Gods
Ten - Sky
Chi - Earth
Sho - Book

So, a literal translation would be "Four Gods Sky Earth Book". In most translations, the book is called the "Four Gods' Sky and Earth". On most merchandise, as mentioned above, the "official" but less accurate translation appears, "The Universe of the Four Gods".
* * * Suzaku, the god of the south, is represented by a peacock or a phoenix. However, Suzaku's name literally breaks down like this: Su - red, Zaku - sparrow. So, the word "Su-Zaku" literally means, "Red Sparrow". However, this combination of kanji, in the Japanese language, refers to a peacock. In the manga, Suzaku is described as "Fushichou", or "bird that never dies", which would suggest the magical bird, the phoenix. * * * The other three gods' names have meanings, too. "Seiryuu" means "Blue Dragon", "Genbu" means "Mysterious Warrior" and "Byakko" means "White Tiger".

Information From: http://angelwings.ashst.com/suzaku/firewings/miscellaneous/bakafacts.htm contributed by: Rocky Amyx
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Will there be a season 2 to Fushigi Yuugi?

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