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GSM stands for Grammes per Square Metre - and is how the quality of paper is measured. Normal office paper is either 60 or 80 grammes - good quality paper would be 100 to 120 grammes. Actually, it is how the THICKNESS of paper is measured, in a roundabout way. The more paper weighs, the thicker it is.
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What does gsm mean-measurement of paper?

GSM means Global System for Mobile Communications. This is the most commonly used technology by the carriers or network providers worldwide. However in paper production, it re

How do you calculate gsm in paper?

Take a paper of standard size. Measure its mass in gram using an electronic balance. Find its dimensions (length and breadth) in meter. Find the area in meter2. Get the gsm by

What does gsm on paper mean?

The weight of the paper in gram per square meter. Note that the weight in pounds is not the weight per square foot, but the weight of 500 of some arbitrary size sheet (for cop

Formula for gsm of paper?

GSM is a gram per square meter . tempate of 20x25cm paper size cut it and weight it in weightometer

What is GSM in kraft paper?

GSM in relation to paper - is the weight in Grammes of one Square Metre. For example - 'regular' A4 copier paper is usually 70 GSM. Craft paper such as origami paper (for fold

What does gsm paper mean?

GSM means grams per square meter in measurement. It is the measure of the weight and type of the paper. The higher the GSM paper you have, the better quality the paper is.

How do you convert GSM of a paper into MM?

Paper comes in many different sizes, so there is no set conversion.  However, GSM stands for grams / square meter, so if the GSM and  density of the paper is known, conversi

What is called GSM in a paper industry?

  GSM in this context stands for Grams per Square Meter for paper or cardboard. It roughly corresponds to microns (millionths of a meter or thousandths of a millimeter) in

What do you mean by Antenna Hopping in GSM?

Antenna hopping is a feature in which the Tx/Rx is passed through all the available antenna paths in a sector. No frequency is changed during antenna hopping. This helps impro

What the formula paper gsm calculation?

There are so many different classifications of paper, that it's best to get a chart or table, like the one at Micro Format's paper-paper.com. I posted a link. Each type (cla

How thick is 200 gsm paper?

It is 0.009 inch for one 200 gsm paper. It might be slightly different depending on paper variety. See the related link for further information.