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Is an argument whether DNA (nature) or life experiences (nurture) has a greater influence on the way a person thinks and acts
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What are the different temperaments in nature v. nurture?

  Answer   temperaments are a person's characteristic emotional reactivity and intensity. Temperament has been proven to be effected by nature and nurture. Nature is

What is the definition of nature vs nurture pshycologue?

Nature vs nurture is a debate that has gone on for years between psychologists. If you believe in the nature side of things, you believe that we are the way we are because of

What is the concept of nature vs nurture?

Psychologists don't know why people grow up to have the personalities they do. Some argue nurture, which is saying that a child's personality will form based on how they were

Does nature vs nurture affect the moral development of children?

Nature vs nurture can definitely affect the moral development of  children. Stereotypically, the nurtured child will have a greater  sense of moral development than the chil

What is Nature and nurture controversy about learning?

The controversy of "nature vs. nurture" is basically about behavior  and learning. The question is simply this: Do people act in a  certain way because of instinct or is it

What is the nature vs nurture theory?

  This theory is concerned with whether behavior is detemined mainly by genetic inheritance "nature" or by environment and experience"nurture"

Is Being gay Nature or nurture?

99% Nature: Combination of genetics and pre-natal hormones (estrogen and testosterone). 1% Nurture: In rare cases, severe childhood trauma has led to homosexual behavior.

What is nature vs nurture?

It is the question whether personality is determined by nature, as in your genes, or nurture, the environment that you grew up in.

Is nurture more influential than nature?

Nurture is by definition an act or series of acts that foster growth or development. It implies the thing being nurtured is in existence. THis is important because in the defi

What are experiences where nurture and nature have influenced your life?

All of them. There is no human experience one can get without it filtering through your raising and personality. You will always experience things comparing them to your p