What is the meaning of nature vs nurture?

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Is an argument whether DNA (nature) or life experiences (nurture) has a greater influence on the way a person thinks and acts
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Nature vs nurture debate?

the nature V's nurture debate is concerned with to what extent our development is the product of heredity (nature) and the product of environment (nurture)

What is the meaning of nature vs nurture in a man?

Ahh, the ancient philosophical question. 'Nature versus Nurture" is the idea that a person's surroundings, upbringing, and general environment mean more to that person's perso

What is the argument of nature vs nurture?

Nature versus Nurture is a popular debate about whether our genetics, or environmental influences "mold" more of who we are. An example is whether you get your out-going perso

What is the concept of nature vs nurture?

Psychologists don't know why people grow up to have the personalities they do. Some argue nurture, which is saying that a child's personality will form based on how they were

What is the nature vs nurture theory?

This theory is concerned with whether behavior is detemined mainly by genetic inheritance "nature" or by environment and experience"nurture"

What is the meaning of nature in the nature vs nurture debate?

The meaning of Nature in the "Nature against Nurture" argument is that Nature is how you are born, that you act the way you do because of the Genes you inherit from your famil

Nature vs nurture theory?

You got your green eyes from your mother, and your freckles from your father. But where did you get your thrill-seeking personality and talent for singing ? Did you learn t

Issues on nature vs nurture?

Questions constantly arise about the origins of various types of behavior or other characteristics. Let us say that a person likes to eat pickles. Does this person have a gene

What is nature vs nurture?

It is the question whether personality is determined by nature, as in your genes, or nurture, the environment that you grew up in. The nature versus nurture debate, is a debat
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What is nurture in nature vs nurture?

The view that humans acquire all or almost all their behavioral traits from "nurture" was termed by philosopher John Locke tabula rasa ("blank slate") and proposes that huma
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What are the pros and cons of nature vs nurture?

The pros and cons of nature versus nurture are quite varied.Disagreement is perhaps the biggest con, or debate. Someresearchers think inherited traits are in the genes, while