What is the meaning of the idiom 'to go rogue'?

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To go "rogue" means to make a large deviation from one's strict training. For example, in the United States agents like FBI, Secret Service etc. get special training and are indoctrinated to follow the rules of their profession. If an individual agent starts to behave contrary to the rules he or she has gone rogue.
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What is the meaning of the idiom 'to go bananas'?

Answer 1 'Banana' comes from burlesque, c. 1920s; 'Banana' is a comedian, 'top banana' as main comic and 'second banana' as straight man. To 'go bananas' is for an unsuccessful act; dogs, dancers, etc. to convert to a comic act, usually slapstick, badly underrehearsed and desperate. Answer 2 (idi (MORE)

What does Rogue mean?

um... it kinda dependes on what context your using it in if you are talking about WoW then it means a character who can be stealthy and be invisile. Or if your talking about a rogue agent it the same thing as a double agent. Ambiguous Rogue . A rogue, as stated above, can be used to describe som (MORE)

What does the idiom 'go against the grain' mean?

It just means to go against the way everyone else is doing things, as if you are sanding wood and sanding the wrong way instead of sanding with the grain. When you go against the grain, you irritate people.

What does the idiom going bananas mean?

\n . \nGoing crazy, losing your mind. A lack of mental stability. To go bananas is symptomatic of doing irrational things, a lack of reason. "Going bananas" means to react in a overly excited or emotional manner (good or bad). Example: Mom's going bananas because I wrecked the car." going bananas m (MORE)

What does the idiom 'go to the dogs ' mean?

Go to the Dogs - to decline in looks or health; to be ruined or destroyed . Origin: As far back as the 1500s, food that was not thought to be suitable for human consumption was thrown to the dogs. The expression caught on and expanded to include any person or thing that came to a bad end, was rui (MORE)

What is the origin of the idiom to go overboard?

It's a boating phrase. Overboard means to go over the board, whichis part of the boat. If you go overboard on a boat, you fall outinto the water. As an idiom, it has come to mean doing so much thatit seems excessive.

What is the meaning of the idiom 'to go postal'?

The term "go postal" or "going postal" was coined circa 1994, during a time when workplace violence made the news with several employees of the United States Postal Service became so enraged with their jobs that they actually fired guns in their workplace. See the Related Link " s.com: Go Postal" (MORE)

What does the idiom going to bed with the chickens mean?

This idiom, and the associated "wake up with the cows", means to go to bed early in the evening, so as to get good rest durign each night's sleep (and similarly, to wake up early, to utilise the daylight available instead of sleeping). It derives from a time when farming was dependent on being able (MORE)

What does the idiom going to the dogs mean?

"Going to the dogs" means going bad. You would say "Man, that shop has really gone to the dogs - I don't even want to go inside any more." The expression 'gone to the dogs' means that someone or something exhibits very much lower standards than previously or was expected. Origin: As far back a (MORE)

What does the idiom 'The balloon will go up' mean?

Balloon goes up - action (especially trouble) begins The expression dates from the First World War when observation balloons were hoisted close to the trench-lines so that the enemy positions and movements could be watched; observers were also used to help range their own artillery before a bo (MORE)

What does 'implied meaning from this idiom' mean?

Idioms are phrases that you can't guess what they mean just by reading them. This phrase is asking you to figure out what the actual words of the idiom would mean -- the "implied meaning" is what's not said, but meant.

What is the meaning of the idiom 'to let yourself go'?

By "Let yourself go", people mean like just not taking care of your body, like just eating junk food and "fatty" food, not exercising, stuff like that. Not taking care of your body.. It means to stop looking after yourself. It is usually used to refer to health, so if you were slim or had muscles (MORE)

What does going rogue mean?

A rogue elephant is one who lives alone and is violent and territorial. If you "go rogue" you leave the group and act on your own, usually in an unstable manner.

What does the idiom 'can it' mean?

It's a rather rude way of saying "be quiet" - it's referring to tossing something into a trash can, as in "what you're saying is garbage so shut up."

What does Sarah Palin's new book title Sarah Palin Going Rogue mean?

The word "Rogue" refers to not following all norms and principles, or to going it alone, without the support of one's "herd". In the words of Sarah Palin, "Going Rogue" means "having the liberty to express my feelings without being coerced by my staff or the media. It is the freedom to not have my (MORE)

What does the idiom going off your rocker mean?

It means that you are acting irrationally or acting crazy. The image is of a machine whose rocker has slipped out of the groove and is now rocking madly and damaging the rest of the machine.

What is the meaning for idioms?

Idioms are phrases or expressions whose meaning should not be taken literally. I cannot be understood by simply knowing and putting together the ordinary meanings of the separate words in it. Examples: Contracts, agreements, and memos should be put into Black and White . (into writing) I burn (MORE)

Idiom of going to the dogs?

The idiom of going to the dogs means that any person or thing has come to a bad end, been ruined, or looks terrible.

What does the idiom down going men mean?

It's not quite clear what you are asking ... I don't know of any saying with the words in that order. If you mean "going down, men" then it means something is either dropping like an elevator, or it could mean it's happening now. If you mean "going down on men" it means oral sex.

What does the idiom go-getter mean?

A go-getter is someone who goes above and beyond the call of duty. They work more than what is expected of them, and they do more than their share. The image is of someone who is "going" to "get" ahead in his or her career. You'd say this of someone who is working really hard to improve his career. (MORE)

What does the idiom go to great pains mean?

The expression is go to great lengths or take great pains or be at pains to accomplish something, meaning to make a special effort, or show something clearly so that everyone will understand. No pain, no gain as Jane Fonda used to say!

What is the meaning of the idiom mean business?

When you mean business, you are serious about whatever it is."Business" is a way of saying that something is not humorous orjoking, but should be taken seriously the way work is taken. Youhear this said when someone is joking around in a serioussituation, such as when their parents are trying to tel (MORE)

What does the idiom 'be on the go' mean?

If you are on the go, you are always moving. This can be literal, as in someone who travels a lot or who moves from one place to another frequently. This can also be figurative, as in someone who has a lot of work and is very busy trying to keep up with it all. "He's really on the go!" you would say (MORE)

What does the idiom 'there there' mean?

It's a nonsense phrase used when someone is upset or sad. You pat them on the back and say "There, there." You can also say "there, there, everything will turn out right."

What is the meaning of the idiom going out on a limb?

This expression means to take a chance, to take a risk. "Although I know you really believe in this project, let me go out on a limb and suggest a different way of doing it." (It refers to the limb of a tree-- to climb onto it, even though the branch might be fragile and you might fall.)

Do Asian elephants go rogue sometimes?

Yes. Most are males in a state of sexual excitement called "musth". One dark tusker, in the early 1920's, killed 34 people over a six week span near Uttar Pradesh. This animal was hunted by over 50 hunters, but was able to elude them, even trapping seven men on a large rock for two days in the hot s (MORE)

Are there going to be any tornadoes in baton rogue?

It is impossible to predict tornadoes in the long run. Baton Rouge has been hit by tornadoes before, so there is a good chance it will be hit again, but there is no way of knowing when the next one will hit until it actually happens. As of January 22, 2013 there is a potential risk of severe weath (MORE)

What does it mean to go rogue?

To go rogue means to break the rules. It can also mean to break free from a group and go out on one's own. One could lie and pretend to be something which they are not and this also is termed going rouge.

What does the idiom go out on a climb mean?

The phrase is "go out on a limb mean" (not climb). A limb is a branch of a tree and therefore if you were to go out on a limb for someone, you would be exposing yourself to danger for them.

What does the idiom It's going to the dogs mean?

Before dogs became the pampered pets that they are today, they werefed leftovers, scraps and food that would have otherwise beendiscarded. Therefore, something that's "going to the dogs" isdeteriorating quickly and will soon be worthless, if it isn'talready. (One can just imagine a medieval lady acc (MORE)

What does the idiom the trails going to get cold mean?

It is used metaphorically. Presumably, if an animal has just past, its trail is still warm, and signs like foot prints, or scent, or pieces of fur will still be there to indicate where the animal went. It will be possible to track the animal. A long time later, when the trail is "cold", the trace (MORE)