What is the meaning of the shape of the Ankh?

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The sun and its life-giving rays.
The ancient symbol of the Sun is the Hindu Swastica or Fire Wheel. This symbol became abreviated when it was made into a medalion consisting of an 'X' inside a circle.
The Sun was thought to decend into the Earth at night and then arise reborn from Earth each morning. The Ankh evolved to show this. Here the circle becomes a womb-like elipse illustrating the Solar cross being reborn inside the Earth.  
The ankh is an Egyptian hieroglyph meaning life, it is also known as the Egyptian Cross and the key of life. The ankh symbolises life and immortality, the universe, power and life-giving air and water. Its key-like shape has also encouraged the belief it could unlock the gates of death, and it is viewed this way by the modern Rosicrucians and other hermetic orders.

The ankh appears frequently in Egyptian tomb paintings and other art; it often appears at the fingertips of a god or goddess in images that represent the deities of the afterlife conferring the gift of life on the dead person's mummy. The ankh symbol was often carried by Egyptians as an amulet, either alone, or in connection with two other hieroglyphs that mean "strength" and "health." Mirrors were often made in the shape of an ankh. Sometimes, in art, the Ankh was shown being touched by a god onto a person, which usually symbolized conception.
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What is the meaning for the symbol ankh?

Answer . Eternal life.. Answer . I believe it means simply "life" which could be temporal or eternal.. It is believed that the heiroglyph originated from an image of t

What is an ankh?

An ankh is a cross shaped like a T with a loop at the top, representing the Egyptian hieroglyph for "life", and often used as an amulet.

What are ankhs?

A cross with an oval shape on the top is an ankh. - [angk] The Ankh Cross represents life (immortality) and death, male and female, balance. It can also represent zest, joy of

Who created the Ankh?

Ancient Egypt. It is religious, perhaps fertility and sex symbol- some see it as a stylized Vagina, hence feminine power-stone, if you will. NOT strictly speaking a Christian

What is the meaning of the wings on an Ankh?

could imply some relationship with aviation, Air Force chaplain, perhaps? has nothing to do with that. an ankh is a symbol for eternal life. The wings, depending on the wi

How old is the ankh?

The Ankh is an ancient Egyptian symbol that had religious purposes, and was used for same by the Egyptians. It might be a fertility or female sex symbol as it does resemble th

Who invented the ankh?

This symbol came from Egypt, so I guess the only answer would be the ancient Egyptians.

What is the story of the Ankh?

Most of the "story of the ankh" is modern invented nonsense that has no connection at all with ancient Egypt. First of all the hieroglyph today called "ankh" did not have t
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Where is the ankh from?

The Ankh comes from Ancient Egypt and is/was a symbol of Life.
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What is ankh in Arabic?

The ankh , also known as breath of life , the keyof the Nile (Latin meaning "cross with a handle"), was theancient Egyptian hieroglyphic character that read "life', but i