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What is the meting point and boiling point of steel?

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The boiling point is 1300 degrees
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What is the melting point and boiling point of steel?

It melts at about 1300-1500 °C (2400 °F). The boiling point is  probable at   3 000 0C. Steel is an alloy of iron and carbon (and perhaps some  other elements), an

What is the boiling point?

The boiling point is the temperature at which a substance changes  from a liquid to a gas.    The boiling point depends on which element you are using. For  instance,

What is a boiling point?

A boiling point is the temperature when a liquid becomes gaseous.  It is unique to the compound or mixture involved. The boiling point  of water is 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

What is boiling point?

The temperature at which a substance in a liquid phase becomes a gas. .

When is boiling point?

Boiling point is when the liquids pressure equals the pressure of the atmosphere.

Why is the meting and freezing point of a substance the same?

Melting is simply the reverse of freezing. The secret to it is that it takes quite a bit of heat movement to make a substance change from the freezing point. Heat moves out of

How do you get the boiling point?

well basically you just get water at boil it when you see steam you know you have reached the boiling pointbecause the boiling point is just the temperature at which the liqui

What is steels freezing point and boiling point?

Today are known more than 2 000 types of steel; each type has different physical properties. The boiling point of steels are above 1 400 0C.

What is boiling point of stainless steel in Fahrenheit?

"Stainless steel" refers to a group of steels with similar  compositions so since there are different compositions, there is  not just a single boiling point that would appl