What is the mileage tax rate I can claim on taxes?

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40p a mile for the 1st 10000 then 25p
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How do you claim gas mileage on a tax return?

Presuming your speaking about a personal Income Tax return - a 1040 - Gas expense (normally actually part of travel) on any basis (calculated by mileage or receipt), is NOT

How do you document mileage for income tax?

Record the date, destination, address, purpose, and total miles. Be detailed when documenting the purpose. I keep everything in a spreadsheet.

What is the tax rate on a gift tax?

The general rule is: 45%, but there is much more. The U.S. Federal tax rates for gifts are on the same tax rate schedule as the estate tax. If the gift is a "present interest"

Can you claim mileage for driving to and from the doctor on tax return?

Yes as a part of your unreimbursed medical expense when you are using the schedule A itemized deductions of the 1040 tax form. Unreimbursed medical expenses are deductible usi

Can you claim gas and mileage for driving to college on your tax return?

Again, like all things tax, the answer is frequently situationaland depends on many things. Any education for work related reasons, and that includes an entiredegree program

Who can you claim on taxes?

You can often times deduct the cost of hiring a tax professional to do your taxes in the following year. Given the generic nature of your question, I'd strongly suggest doing

Who reimburses tax refunds for mileage?

One or the other of us is very confused. There is no "tax refund for mileage" (at least in the US; I can't imagine there would be anywhere else, either). You can, if you

Can you claim post tax on your taxes?

I guess it depends;for instance, the traditional IRA is a retirement savings plan where contributions may be tax deductible and the values can grow tax deferred until withdraw

Can you claim sales tax on your taxes?

Yes, you can claim state and local sales taxes on your return. But in order to do so you must itemize deductions and you must not claim state and local income taxes. You're al
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Can you claim mileage for driving to and from the tax preparer on tax return?

Yes, it is absolutely possible & fairly convenient. If you drive your car or other vehicle for business purposes, youcan take a mileage deduction of 57.5 cents for every mile