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What is the minimum income for a permanent resident alien to file taxes?

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A dependent on another taxpayer income tax return with unearned income interest, dividends, capital gains, rental income, taxable social security benefits, unemployment compensation, gambling winning and misc income, etc of more than 950 must file an income tax return and report all worldwide income on the 1040 tax return and pay income taxes that WILL BE DUE WHEN THE INCOME TAX RETURN IS COMPLETED CORRECTLY..
A self employed taxpayer would be required to file an income tax return if business operation had any gross income amount. If the business has a net profit over 400 the business would have to file and pay the social security and Medicare taxes that would be due plus any income tax that may be due after adding the net profit to all other gross income on the 1040 tax form and the amounts would be subject to income tax at the taxpayer marginal tax rates.
The must file an income tax return requirement for the year 2009 would be in the 2009 1040 instruction book starting on page 7 through 9 and the book is available at the IRS.gov website use the search box for 1040 and choose instructions.
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Can a permanent resident alien vote?

Legally NO. You must be a CITIZEN of the United States to Vote. This doesn't mean that it does not happen. I believe the question and the answer given are somewhat miss-leadi

What is the minimum yearly income needed to file taxes?

You must file taxes if you earn the following amounts of income: Self-employed, any age: $400 Children and Teens classified as a dependent: $5,700 Single, under 65: $9,350 Sin

What is the minimum wage earnings to file an income tax?

  As I, a non-professional understand it:   $3,300 is the minimum to have to file if you work for an employer and get a W2. $400 is the minimum if you're self employed.

No income do you have to file tax return?

If you have NO income, then no.     ANSWER:   If you are subject to the Personal Income Tax Law and liable for a tax then yes you do have to file a valid return, ev

How old do you have to be to not file income tax?

Age is NOT one of the requirements of when you must file 1040 federal income tax return. As long as your are still breathing and have the required taxable income amounts you w

Can you file income taxes if you are a student?

"Can you?" or "Must you?" The answer to "can you?": Many people will file an income tax return even though the income on the return was below the filing requirement. Even if

What is the minimum wage earnings to file state income tax?

Anyone can file. If you had any state income tax withheld from your wages or other payments and are not required to file, you can still file in order to get a refund. Peop