What is the most efficient way to heat a house?

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a woodstove. they are really effective. i have one and it is so warm. you even save money using it instead of your furnace.
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What is the best and most cost efficient way to heat a swimming pool?

Answer . This is a vague question! \n. \nWhat type of pool are you heating? \n. \nYou have a lot of options, as you probably already know because you are asking for the best way. \n. \nSolar heating is the cheapest way, but isn't very effective, in my opinion.\n. \nIf you decide to purchase a (MORE)

What style house is most economical to heat?

Answer . \nA dome. The more insulated the better. A Monolithic Dome made of shotcrete will cost about a 1/3 as much to heat as a regular house. \nBut, if that isn't your style then the most economical house to heat will be a steel frame house in brick or stone with double or triple glazed insula (MORE)

Why is a dome shaped house more heat efficient than a rectangular house?

The dome shaped house is more heat efficient because it channelsenergy downward. The pyramids are the most efficient at it. Havent you noticed that most of the ancient monuments and modernreligious monuments are shaped like a dome and pyramid. Thesuburban home is shaped like a pyramid-why do you thi (MORE)

What is the most energy efficient heat source for homes?

That would depend on a lot of factors. It would probably be radiant hot water. I'm doing a research paper for heating sources for homes from 1900's to 2009 and just want accurate information. NO it would not be hot water! I'm doing a research paper on Home Heating, and i need help!!!! Please help I (MORE)

What is the most efficient way to list your qualifications an a resume?

List by subject. Such subjects should include, but should not be limited to: -Educational history, starting with the most recent -Previous employment, starting with the most recent and using discrimination on how far back in the history of your employment you'd like to go (it's usually a good i (MORE)

What is the most efficient way to burn calories?

Intensive cardiovascular exercise. However, the question usually isn't efficiency, but rather how many net calories one can burn in a single session doing an activity. Sprinting might burn more calories per minute than jogging, but good luck sprinting for more than a few minutes.

Which is the most energy efficient way to dry laundry indoors?

' Clothes airers' serve as the most energy efficient option for drying clothes.. Clothes airers use naturally warm rising air occurring at home to dry load of clothes and hence they save electricity usage and power bills.. Email : - webmaster@castinstyle.co.uk. http://www.castinstyle.co.uk

What is the fasted and most efficient way to get a six-pack?

Your goal of getting a six-pack depends on if you have any stomach fat. If you do the only way you are going to get your shredded abs is dieting. no matter how much abdominal work you do your muscles wont completely show through your fat. Although if you do not have to much fat on your stomach crunc (MORE)

Where is most heat lost in a house?

How long is a piece of string? Heat can be lost through many parts of a house. Badly fitted windows and doors being the largest source of heat loss. Double or triple glazing being required in windows. Through the chimney, also. The roof is a major contributor. Walls, floor also aid heat loss. also y (MORE)

What is the most efficient substance for conducting heat?

Diamond has the highest thermal conductivity,on the scale they use its in the region of 1000 to 1500. Compared to alu' 400 ish and steel is about 200 ish. The common list of thermaly condustive materials can be found on wikipedia for more info.

Which greenhouse gas is the most efficient at absorbing heat?

Sulphur hexafluoride (SF6) its approximately 32 600x more absorbent than carbon dioxide, and can last in the atmosphere for 3200 years. the longest lasting gas is tetrafluoromethane or carbon tetrafluoride (CF4) with about 50 000 years, but is only 11 200x more absorbent than carbon dioxide.

The most efficient way to get to school?

You can take a school or city bus. This helps the environment since everyone is going to the same place in one vehicle. Therefore less polluting the environment with fuel. If an option, walking is always great too!

What is the most efficient way to take Suboxone?

The only way to take Suboxone is to dissolve it under your tongue. Swallowing it won't work, because it won't dissolve in your stomach. And don't even think about crushing it up and snorting it or smoking it; it simply does not work that way. You can do that with heroin, and it sort of works with Vi (MORE)

Ways to reduce heat from a house?

There are several ways to reduce heat from a house. This includedopening the windows and doors at least once a day. This is known ascross ventilation, which helps secure cool air in homes andoffices. You can also increase airflow by using fans and the ACsystem.

What is the most efficient way to quit smoking?

The most efficient way to quit smoking is go to one of the NHS people and ask for the QUIT SMOKING KIT to help you quit your smoking. If not ask someone who you know doesn't smoke to help you but taking NICOTINE.

What is the most efficient way to keep on rockin in the free world?

It depends on your definition of "rockin". Lets assume that it translates in todays language as "kickin it funky G style", cause we ALL know what that means. Then the answer would be getting and keeping a steady job, making the best living you can within your means and then responsibly and conscious (MORE)

What is the most efficient way for entering repetitive formulae?

Usually the approach is to copy the formula. There are many ways of doing this, so it depends on the situation as to which is the best to use. It is also possible to select all the cells you want the formula to be in before you enter it, and then type the formula into one cell and press and hold the (MORE)

What is the most efficient way to remove shingles?

Start at the top and work down. You can use a flat square edge shovel or there is a tool that looks like one with teeth on the front edge and a slight curve at the front so that you can stand up and still get under the shingle. Pop the shingle and nail at the same time.

What is the most efficient way to set a home thermostat?

For basic settings, and best results, set your temp. for cooling at about 75 degrees F. or at the highest possible temp. that you can and still be comfortable. The same is true for the temp. setting for heating mode except in reverse. For heating, about 68 to 70 degrees is normal or the lowest temp. (MORE)

What time of day is most efficient to heat your pool?

If you are using a heat pump then you want to heat during the warmest part of the day. So I run my water pump maybe 9 am to 5pm. Then the heater will cycle on and off during that time. If a heat pump has 100,000 BTUs when it is 80 degrees outside that might fall to 80,000 BTU's when it is 50 degrees (MORE)

What is the most efficient way to use Google maps?

The most efficient usage of Google Maps comes from a system called Google Now. You need to share your calendar's dates with Google Now. Once you do this, Google Maps notifications will pop up on your smartphone allowing you to navigate to your meetings.

What is the most efficient way of kindling a fire?

Starting a fire efficiently not only requires split wood for kindling, but also dry tinder which will catch fire quickly. Once tinder has been collected and has lit, arrange the small pieces of kindling wood over the tinder, allowing enough space for air to get to the fire. If the tinder is smothe (MORE)

What is the most efficient way to blowup an air mattress?

The best way to blow up an air mattress is a vacuum cleaner that has a way to connect the hose to the air outlet. There are also centrifugal pumps designed for the purpose. Pumps made for inflating tyres are not good for this, as they only move small volumes of air at high pressure, and can easily o (MORE)

What is the most efficient way to pack a child's suitcase?

The most efficient way to pack a child's suitcase is to gather all the clothes you plan on taking before hand. After you have gathered everything you plan on packing roll the soft clothing and fold the stiff ones, and than place the rolled clothing on the bottom with the folding clothing on top.

What is the most efficient way to deploy Army combat forces?

It depends on the mission and the scale if the deployment. Rangers and airborne can be dropped behind enemy lines to take out artillery so that convention forces can land on a beach or motor in on trucks. The army is the biggest branch in the military, so there choices are virtually limitless. It al (MORE)