What is the most efficient way to heat a house?

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a woodstove. they are really effective. i have one and it is so warm. you even save money using it instead of your furnace.
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What is the best and most cost efficient way to heat a swimming pool?

Answer . This is a vague question! \n. \nWhat type of pool are you heating? \n. \nYou have a lot of options, as you probably already know because you are asking for the b

What is the most efficient substance for conducting heat?

Diamond has the highest thermal conductivity,on the scale they use its in the region of 1000 to 1500. Compared to alu' 400 ish and steel is about 200 ish. The common list of t

The most efficient way to get to school?

You can take a school or city bus. This helps the environment since everyone is going to the same place in one vehicle. Therefore less polluting the environment with fuel. If
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What is the most efficient way of kindling a fire?

Starting a fire efficiently not only requires split wood for kindling, but also dry tinder which will catch fire quickly. Once tinder has been collected and has lit, arrange