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What is the most powerful influence over a student's attitude and behavior toward alcohol use?

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The Students circle of friends.
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American attitudes towards the two sides in the great war were most influenced by?

During the Great War (or, World War I), American attitudes towards  the two sides involved were influenced in various ways. Perhaps  most significantly, a general sympathy w

How the electronic gadgets influence the student's behavior?

Electronic gadgets influence student's behaviour in both negative and positive ways. for ex.-according to a reseach video games help children to protect them and improve their

What are the Cristian attitudes towards the use of drugs?

Christian attitudes about illegal drugs is most often that illegal  drugs should not be used. This is based on scriptures stating that  the body is the temple of the Holy Sp

Who is the president's most important influence over the court is the power to what?

The only real influence the president has over the courts is his  power to nominate justices to the Supreme Court. He can choose to  nominate justices with political leaning