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What is the most powerful influence over a student's attitude and behavior toward alcohol use?

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The Students circle of friends.
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American attitudes towards the two sides in the great war were most influenced by?

During the Great War (or, World War I), American attitudes towards  the two sides involved were influenced in various ways. Perhaps  most significantly, a general sympathy w

What was Jacksons attitude toward the Bank of the US?

Jackson did not have a positive attitude towards the Bank of the US. This was because the bank made personal loans to wealthy people and gave low interest loans to congressmen

How did Roman attitudes toward Christian's change over time?

The Roman Empire could easily accomodate the then Christian God (Son of God) because it could directly be compared to one of their own gods. Christianity grew stronger and soo

How did the attitude of Romans toward the Etruscans change over time?

The Romans respected the Etruscans  even though some Etruscan cities fought against Rome and Etruscan civilisation begun to fade when Etruria became an economic backwater

What was Jackson's attitude toward the bank of US?

Jackson did not approve of the Bank of the US in which federal funds had to be deposited. The bank made personal loans to wealthy people that were known to the bank and made l

How the electronic gadgets influence the student's behavior?

Electronic gadgets influence student's behaviour in both negative and positive ways. for ex.-according to a reseach video games help children to protect them and improve their