What is the name of the knife worn round the neck of some religions?

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What is something worn around your neck?

Some blind people wear sunglasses because their eyes might look weird, like cloudy or deformed. Some people might not be fully blind, just legally blind, and be sensitive to l

What is a round knife?

A round knife is a knife used to work with leather. It has an axe-like rounded blade that cuts leather with a rolling action of the sharp edge.

What is the name of the piece of white linen worn by a priest around his neck and shoulders?

Amice . According to the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, an amice is "a liturgical vestment consisting of an oblong piece of white linen worn around t

What are some knife names?

Broad: Cutlery, Utility, Tactical, Camping, etc Specific: Bread knife, Sheepsfoot, trailer, tanto, spearpoint, carver, Kukuree, bowie, etc
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What is the name of the Cloth draped round the head worn as part of the habit of nuns?

There are two pieces of cloth used in a regular nun's habit on her head. The first is a Wimple . This is usually white, it can be pleated or loose. It comes up under the chin
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What is the purpose of a neck knife?

Neck knives are simply a small knife with a fixed blade that is most commonly worn around a person's neck. Generally, these neck knives are intended for utilitarian uses.