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What is the name of the knife worn round the neck of some religions?

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What is a round knife?

  A round knife is a knife used to work with leather. It has an axe-like rounded blade that cuts leather with a rolling action of the sharp edge.

What is knife and packer full name?

  Duncan McCoshan and Jem Packer. See http://www.thebookbag.co.uk/reviews/index.php/Return_of_the_Chocoholic_Vampires_(Zac_Zoltan's_Mad_Monster_Agency)_by_Knife_and_Packer

What is the name of the cape worn by a pope?

The Papal cape is called a COPE. The American Heritage Dictionary says the following: cope (noun) 1. A long ecclesiastical vestment worn over an alb or surplice. 2. A co