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Answer #1 Population figures for narwhals only can be estimated. But the numbers tend to hover around 75,000. These are the statistics for as late as 2005-2006. Answer #2 There are approximately 75,000 narwhals according to a 2008 study by Laidre, K. L., I. Stirling, L. Lowry, Ø. Wiig, M. P. Heide-Jørgensen, and S. Ferguson.
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What you can do to help the narwhal?

Things you can do to help the unicorn whale (narwhal) are, trying to keep pollution out of the ocean and not hunting them. Narwhals are also effected by global warming, just l

How old can narwhals get?

Answer #1 . The life span is thought to run to at least 25 years . But so much is unknown about this whale resident of Arctic waters. One way of recognizing older narwhals i

What does 'narwhal' mean?

The word narwhal means "corpse whale" in Norwegian. They are called that because they swim on their backs and swim very slowly. They look like they're dead! When they want to,

What are narwhals?

Answer #1 They are 1600 kg of gray muscle. Males have a tooth that grows through their upper lip to give them their world renowned unicorn horn (Actually a tusk protruding th

Why do they call a narwhal a narwhal?

There is only on reason. The name Narwhal originates from the Latin term "Narwhale" which is roughly translated to "Extremely Awesome" The Narwhal is also referred to as: Je

Where do narwhals migrate?

  Narwhals migrate to the shallower of the Arctic waters in summer. There, the aquatic fare is plenteous and easy to chase. But the pickings are fewer with the end of the

HOW do narwhals eat?

Narwhals simply swallow their food hole, prowling deep in the ocean.
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Why are narwhals called narwhal?

  The name 'narwhal' derives from the Scandinavian term for the inhabitant of the Arctic waters. The actual word in Danish and Swedish is 'nahrval'. That term traces back
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What do narwhals do?

Narwhals try to escape from their predators. They try to catch their prey. They practice summer and winter migrations. They perform the deepest known mammalian dives on record