What is the national animal of Andorra?

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The Lammergeier Vulture
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Where is Andorra?

Andorra is a country, located between France and Spain in theeastern Pyrenees.

What is Andorra?

Andorra is a tiny country in the mountains between Spain and France

What is the national currency of Andorra?

Andorra has no monetary unit of its own and the Euro has been the official currency from January 2002. Visitors from non Euro countries are advised to bring travellers' cheque

What is a national holiday in Andorra?

There are two national holidays in Andoraa. The 14th March is the "Día de la Constitució" (Constitution's day) and the 8th September is "Mare de Deu de Meritxel" (Our La

Does andorra have a national tree?

Andorra is a tiny European nation existing mostly on its strengthin attracting tourists. It has very few national symbols, and nonational tree.
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Is Andorra an island nation?

Of Course Not! is a small landlocked country between Spain and France You can check wikipedia if you don't know!