What is the national dress of Anguilla?

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The national dress of Anguilla was designed by M. "Mutty" Connor of Blrowing Point. The colours are the sam as those in the Anguilla National Flag (Blue, White and Orange).
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What is national dress?

A national dress refers to an outfit that is used as symbol for acountry. Most countries have no national dress as they have adoptedvarious fashion trends.
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Do Estonia have a national dress?

Yep, Estonians have national dresses, they vary from region to region. Are quite unique, but immesely influenced by Scandinavian and German national dresses.

Do national guardsmen get a dress uniform?

I went through Basic in 98, and the Class A uniform was the current Army Green uniform, which is in the process of being phased out. At that time, everyone was issued Class A