What is the nickname of Finland and how did it get the name Finland?

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In Finnish, Finland is called "Suomi." There is much debate about the etymology of this word, but it is often thought to have originally meant "swamp." In English and Scandinavia, the word "fen" also means "swamp," and this is the origin of the name "Finland"--it all means "swamp land."
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Where is Finland?

Finland locates in northern Europe, Scandinavia, next to Sweden and Russia. In Northern Europe, Fennoscandia, between Sweden and Russia and north of Estonia.

What is Finland like?

It is one of the most beautiful places in the world. The summers are 70 degrees F + and are perfect, and the sun shines through the trees so beautiful. The winters are cold, but I will never forget the first time I looked out the window and saw the light hitting the snow, its so gorgeous. The architecture is exquisite. And the people are wonderful.. I wouldn't say that Finnish people are cold and dark. They are much more mannerly then the average American. They are caring, compassionate people who live life differently then we do. They don't throw around the phrase 'I love you' like we do, they save it for only their closest family members, and even then they don't use it much. Sometimes, they even use the phrase 'minä pidän sinusta' which means, 'I like you' because I love you is especially strong. They are a strong group of people who make wonderful contributions to the world as we know it. They are also extremely smart, and don't mess around with Education.. It is very great. Especially the type of people there and the bars.. Finnish people are so nice to talk to.. Finnish people are very friendly!

When was Finland discovered?

almost 10000 years ago, when people who were after that called finns, started to move in the area, witch was in that time, a small area witch had lots of islands. after that, Finland has never been completely empy, altough people have moven in and out.

What are the problems with Finland?

Finland has been tied with Norway over being the second least corrupted country in the world, first is Iceland. This is both politically and with crime rates. The greatest problem there probably is in Finland is Alcoholism and the violence or other crimes connected with it, Finland also has the second highest suicide rate in the world (Males) and fourth most (Females) according to OECD 2002.

What is Finland?

It is one of Europe's northernmost countries, and also one of Europe's largest producers of wood and timber. There are many famous things from Finland like, angry birds, nokia, the sauna, sunrise avenue, HIM, kimi räikkönen, teemu selänne and many other famous bands, athletes etc.

What hemisphere is Finland in?

Finland is located in more than one hemisphere. It is located inthe Northern and Eastern Hemispheres and as of 2012 it has apopulation of 5.414 million.

How do you get to Finland by road?

You drive to the north of Sweden and turn to east, or, you drive through Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia and around the Gulf of Finland, or, you arrive from Russia straight to eastern Finland.

Finland is in which hemisphere?

Finland is in the northern hemisphere relative to the equator, and it is in the eastern hemishpere relative to the prime meridian.

Is Finland a country?

Yes, Finland is a country. It is in northern Europe, bordered by Russia, Norway and Sweden.

What is a recipe in Finland?

You must mean translation - right? Well recipe is 'resepti' in Finnish. All recipes are same in every countries I think...

Is sauna in Finland?

In Finland, saunas are very popular. More than 50% of households in Finland have a sauna and going to the sauna is something extremely popular in this country. Sometimes Finnish people jump in the freezing ice water and then get into a sauna. Sauna was invented by Finnish-people and the word 'sauna' comes from Finnish-language. . The Americans pronounce it S-AH-NAH. while the correct Finnish proununciation is S-OW-NUH

Why is it cold in Finland?

Because of our geographical position. But the south-west winds are warm because of the Gulf Stream. Luckily we have that or else... If the winds come from east, they have no warm streams there. Siberia is some thousand miles away but the winds are so cold when it comes from there. So: Our position and our climate result in cold temperatures, but in summer the lower parts are some 20C or 68F .

What is the nickname of Finland?

The nickname of Finland is the land of a thousand lakes. FI or FIN There really isn't other names in English. (But on the internet, some call it Winland... Go figure) Finland is 'Suomi' in Finnish... In Finnish, Finland is called "Suomi", and it's abbreviation is FI or FIN. But Finland actually does not have any "nicknames".

What Finland is famous for?

Finland has three famous inventions: sauna, ice skates, and virtual air-guitar. Its known by its citicens as the homeland of Santa Claus. They say he lives in Korvatunturi, and Korvatunturi has gotten mail from all over the world, even from Japan. Finland it the third most enviromental country in the world, and would be the most enviromental without the worlds most polluted ocean, Itämeri. Finland has also the person with highest speeding ticket, Jussi Salonoja. The ticket was 170000 euros, because he drove twice the speed allowed with a motorbike in Helsinki, february 2004. As Jussi is the heir of the HK:s sausage factory, hes incomes were in 2002 about 7 million euros. Therefore, speeding ticket is 1/60 of months net worth with the information of the persons taxes. Finland is the least corrupted coutry in the world. It has one very famous giant, Väinö Myllyrinne, who was 251 sentimeters tall. Finland is known of its wierd sports, like cellphone, beer barrel, coin, boot or human throwing, holding a car, ice-fishing, and swinging all the way around. Patti Valasti and Aki Kontala played record breaking, six bounces of ping pong game, with an egg as a ball. Finland scored a new highscore in Eurovision competion in 2006, with scores of 292. Theres aso a record of lifting a boat. Finns are not so known of their skills of breaking records, but their ability to invent new records. Finland is the home of "Fullmoon's Miss American Pie", the cat with the longest wiskers in the world. There are three other alphabets in finnish language than in english: å,ä and ö. And finally, i have to say, that Helsinki has an unique restaurant called "Kynsilaukka", that serves only garlic.

What surrounds Finland?

Neighboring countries are: Russia, Norway and Sweden. The principal coasts are on the arms of the Baltic Sea : the Gulf of Bothnia to the west and the Gulf of Finland to the south (borders on Estonia).. If you mean what kind of land is there, then it is mostly wooded regions and the coastal areas.

Why is Finland?

Why not? I assume you mean "Why does Finland exist?," or, "How did Finland form?" Finland was formed by the Treaty of Versailes, which ended World War One. EDIT: No, Finland wasn't formed by the Treaty of Versailles. Finland is an older nation which has been under the Swedish empire and later the Russian empire. Finland became independent from Russia (Finland had autonomy) in 1917-1918 (Yes, after WWI) through Finland's own effort. And without bloodshed. :)

Is Finland in Ireland?

No. Finland is a country and Ireland is a separate country and they are both in Europe, but a long distance from each other.

What are the tempratures in Finland?

Winters of southern Finland (average temperature of day is below 0) are usually 4-5 months long, and the snow covers the land about 4 months of every year, and in the southern coast, it can melt many times during winter, and then come again. The coldest winter days of southern Finland are usually -20 C, and the warmest days of July and early August can be 25-30 C.. Winters in north Finland are nearly 7 months long, and snow covers the land almost 6-7 months every year. Summers in the north are quite short, only 2-3 months. The highest temperatures on the warmest summer days of July, are rarely above 20-25 degrees in northern Finland.

Where did Finland get its name from?

First people who came to Finland, were called "finns". So therefore, Finland is the "land of finns". Dont ask how the finns got their names. Also, in Finland, Finlands name is Suomi. And that doesent stand for anything. The whole name of Finland was actually made by others than finns.

Who is Finland?

I am sorry to inform you that Finland is not a person, rather Finland is a Country located in nothern Europe between Russia and Sweden. Current president of Finland is Tarja Halonen.

What is the Finnish name for Finland?

The word for 'Finland' in Finnish is Suomi. This word made also be user to refer to the language itself, Finnish.. Please see the related links below if you're interested in hearing a native speaker's pronunciation of 'Suomi'..

What are the names of the important rivers of Finland?

There are 35 over 100 kilometres long rivers in Finland. The five longest ones are Kemijoki (Kemi River, 593 km), Iijoki (Ii River, 330km), Ounasjoki (Ounas River, 298km), Kitinen (278 km) and Muonionjoki (Muonio's River, 230km). The other 30 rivers, in order from the longest one to the shortest one, are called Luiro, Kymijoki, Tornionjoki, Simojoki, Ivalojoki, Kiiminkijoki, Pyhäjoki, Perhonjoki, Tenojoki, Siikajoki, Kokemäenjoki, Raudanjoki, Lapuanjoki, Porvoonjoki, Kalajoki, Kyrönjoki, Livojoki, Siuruanjoki, Loimijoki, Karvianjoki, Vaskojoki, Oulujoki, Oulankajoki, Nuorittajoki, Kiehimänjoki, Paimionjoki, Vantaanjoki, Lieksanjoki, Tenniöjoki and Vuoksi.

What effects does the climate of Finland have on Finland?

Well I went to Finland, In the winter, And we had a fire which has smoke, which causes environment issues. We had also buying more cotton clothes which kills any animal with wool, such as a sheep. In the summer time it gets really hot, we have bbq's which does the same as a fire.

Is Finland at war?

Right now, there is not any wars in Finland, but from year 2002 the Finnish people have joined the war in Afghanistan.

What are the names of some NHL players born in Finland?

Mikka Kiprusoff (Calgary Flames), Teemu Selanne (Anaheim Ducks), Saku Koivu (Anaheim Ducks), Mikko Koivu (Minnesota Wild), Olli Jokinen (NY Rangers), Tuomo Ruutu (Carolina Hurricane), Jere Lehtonen (Dallas Stars), Jarko Ruutu (Ottawa Senators), Valtteri Filppula (Detroit Red Wings), Joni Pitkanen (Carolina Hurricanes), Antero Nittymaki (Tampa Bay Lightning), Kimmo Timonen (Philadelphia Flyers), and Nicklas Backstrom (Minnesota Wild) were the majority of the bronze medal winners of Finland that play in the NHL.

What rivers are there in Finland?

There are 35 over 100 kilometres long rivers in Finland. The five longest ones are Kemijoki (Kemi River, 593 km), Iijoki (Ii River, 330km), Ounasjoki (Ounas River, 298km), Kitinen (278 km) and Muonionjoki (Muonio's River, 230km). The other 30 rivers, in order from the longest one to the shortest one, are called Luiro, Kymijoki, Tornionjoki, Simojoki, Ivalojoki, Kiiminkijoki, Pyhäjoki, Perhonjoki, Tenojoki, Siikajoki, Kokemäenjoki, Raudanjoki, Lapuanjoki, Porvoonjoki, Kalajoki, Kyrönjoki, Livojoki, Siuruanjoki, Loimijoki, Karvianjoki, Vaskojoki, Oulujoki, Oulankajoki, Nuorittajoki, Kiehimänjoki, Paimionjoki, Vantaanjoki, Lieksanjoki, Tenniöjoki and Vuoksi.

How can you get to Finland?

You can get to Finland with a ferry from Tallinn, Stockholm or StPetersburg, take a plane to Helsinki or Rovaniemi, or via road fromRussia, Sweden or Norway.

Is there gangs in Finland?

In Finland, there are a few criminal organizations that could be called gangs, including the well-known international outlaw motorcycle clubs Hell's Angels and Bandidos. Outlaws and Pagans are not seen in Finland. Other notable groups include M.O.R.E, Bats, Natural Born Killers and Rogues Gallery. These groups are not a big problem in Finland while they sometimes get media attention. Murders and such do not happen too often. These gangs are also not often seen in everyday life and rarely cause trouble for non-criminal people. Street gangs are not a notable phenomenon in Finland and at least there are no really organized ones, gangs are not a problem for youth.

Does Finland have seasons?

finland is the only place in whole word where you can see and feelwinter, summer, autumn and spring in one week!

Is Finland Scandinavia?

Yes it is. No, it is not. Scandinavia consists of Norway, Sweden and Denmark. However, the Nordic countries consists of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Greenland, Åland and the Faroe Islands. There is also a term called Fenno-Scandinavia, which consist of Norway, Sweden and Finland.

What is a Finland tradition?

One quite commonly known tradition is to sauna (as in bathe in a sauna) and then run naked into an icy lake. Then back in the sauna, maybe roll around in the snow for a while, then back to the sauna again. Then grill some sausages in the fireplace. And get drunk on beer or vodka. Finlandia vodka of course.

When does it snow in Finland?

Winter In winter, the mean temperature remains below 0°C, but warm airflows can raise the daily high above 0°C at times. Winter usually begins in mid-October in Lapland and during November in the rest of Finland, though not until December in the southwestern archipelago. It thus takes about two months for winter to proceed from Lapland to Åland. The sea and lakes retard the progress of winter. Winter is the longest season, lasting for about 100 days in southwestern Finland and 200 days in Lapland. North of the Arctic Circle, part of the winter is the period known as the polar night, when the sun does not rise above the horizon at all. In the northernmost extremity of Finland, the polar night lasts for 51 days. In southern Finland, the shortest day is about 6 hours long. Permanent snow falls on open ground about two weeks after winter begins. The snow cover is deepest around mid-March, with an average of60 to 90 cm of snow in eastern and northern Finland and 20 to 30 cm in southwestern Finland. The lakes freeze over in late November and early December. The ice is thickest in early April, at about 50 to 65 cm. In severe winters, the Baltic Sea may ice over nearly completely, but in mild winters it remains open except for the far ends of the Gulf of Bothnia and the Gulf of Finland. The coldest day of winter comes well after perihelion, at the end of January everywhere except in the islands and coastal regions, where the slower cooling of the sea delays the coldest period until the beginning of February. The lowest temperatures in winter are from -45°C to -50°C in Lapland and eastern Finland; from -35°C to -45°C elsewhere; and -25°C to -35°C in the islands and coastal regions. The lowest temperature recorded in Helsinki is -34.3°C (1987). The lowest temperature recorded at any weather station in Finland this century is -51.5°C (1999).

Is Finland landlocked?

No. Finland is bordered by the Baltic Sea to the southwest, the Gulf of Finland to the southeast, and the Gulf of Bothia to the West.

Is Finland a monarchy?

No, even though most of the Nordic countries are constitutional monarchies, Finland has a president.

What ocean is on Finland?

Finland lies on the Baltic Sea, which can be considered part of the Atlantic Ocean (However, it is normally treated as a separate body of water).

What are the elves name in Finland?

The elves, if you mean like Santa Claus' elves, are called "tonttu" or "tontut" in plural in Finnish. In Finnish fairytales and pagan beliefs, you would have many tonttus at your farm/in your home: one for the house, one for the cowhouse, one for the drying barn... And of course one for the sauna. It was the job of these "house elves" to watch over the places they protected. Sometimes, though, the tonttu could become angry and, for example, dry off your cows. They were given porridge and other food to keep them happy. There are also many other kinds of elves in the Finnish mythology, like "menninkäiset" or "sinipiiat", but these creatures lived in the forest.

Is Finland a monarchy-?

No, Finland has not ever been a monarchy. It is a democraticrepublic. The government is headed by a prime minister.