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What is the nominal voltage of a 150 kW 480 v generator?

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What is meant by nominal current or nominal voltage?

The word nominal means the lowest possible safe amount. So, nominal  current or nominal voltage is the lowest amount necessary to  perform an electrical function like keepin

What is nominal voltage?

It is the rated voltage of an electric equipment. It is the voltage at which the device is designed to operate. Another Answer Nominal means 'named'. So a nominal voltage is

What is the Difference between nominal voltage and operating voltage?

Nominal voltage is the 'named' voltage -for example, the nominal supply voltage in the UK is 230 V. But this is not necessarily the actual voltage at a particular time. A nomi

How do you generate 480 volts?

You would need to use a transformer. It would have to come from a three phase system. Residential homes are single phase electrical systems and the only what to get three phas

What is the cost in per KW for diesel generators?

A 20kW generator operating at 3/4 load will burn approximately 1.3 gallons of fuel per hour. So if you only include the "variable" fuel costs to generate electricity, you are

Why ac generator rating in kw not in kva?

A small AC generator rating may be specified in kW, because that is the maximum useful (real) power that can be produced by that generator. If the purpose of the generator is

What is difference between nominal and terminal voltage?

The rated voltage of a motor listed on the nameplate is called the terminal voltage. This indicates the actual voltage on the motors terminals at which at which the manufactur

What is the nominal supply voltage?

The term, 'nominal', simply means 'named'. For example, the nominal supply voltage for a residence in the UK is 230 V. But this doesn't mean that the actual supply voltage is

How DC generator generates voltage?

By using a gas engine to drive a dc motor. Motors are cool in the way that if you give them power they will spin and if you spin them they will make power. There is a ball of

What is nominal line voltage?

'Nominal' means 'named'. So a 'nominal' voltage is the named voltage of a system. For example, when we talk about a 120-V or 240-V system, we are describing their nominal valu

In 480 volt three phase what is the tolerance of the voltage?

It is typically accepted to be 440 to 500, based on 110 to 125V for common power outlets. This is based on experience in the USA with 60Hz power supplied by utility companie

If you have a 200 amp 270 v 185 kw electric motor where can you get a generator to run it?

  Whoa, this is a serious motor! The generator needed would cost in the neighborhood of $50,000.00 US, would require permits to install and run, and would require professi