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What is the old kids show where there were two fluffy animals that sat on a couch and transported to another planet and saved the aliens and planet?

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it was called 'tiny planets', it was on noggin back in the day and featured two characters named bing and bong :)
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Is God an alien from another planet?

  No. Either God is real, or he is the product of human imagination. But he is not an alien from another planet. He just does not exist

What are names of Animal Planet shows?

the names of the animal planet shows are   I Shouldn't Be Alive   I'm Alive   Pit Boss   Monsters Inside Me   The Haunted   and a lot more

Can aliens live on another planet?

It is possible, but no one knows of any such planet. We don't know if there are aliens. Someone has to be the first form of intelligence in the universe, and there is no reaso

What animal can survive in another planet?

None, from the earth at least, unless we build them an environment where the atmospheric ground and vegetation are suitable for them. any animal from earth including man would

Is Superman an alien from another planet?

Yes- he is from the planet Krypton which exploded during his  infancy and his biological father sent him away on a rocket to  Earth just before the terrible incident occurre

Are there alien planets?

All planets other than Earth could be considered alien. Earth is  the only planet known to harbor life.

Which planet is aliens in?

No planets are known to contain life, except for our very own Earth, at the moment. Although, there could possibly be life on one of Jupiter's moons, called Europa.

Are there aliens living on another planet?

Yes, there are Aliens living on another planet because even we couldn't make a model of the universe in our Earth because the universe is way too big, but since it's so big it
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Is there another planet with living animals?

Not within the scope of our ability to detect such planets. However- since we only occupy a miniscule point in the vast Universe -there is no sensible reason to doubt that the