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The word "lunatic" comes from the Latin "luna" meaning moon. This derives from the former belief that changes of the moon caused insanity.
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What is a lunatics?

A lunatic is someone who is very crazy or insane. They are people whose actions and manner are marked by extreme eccentricity or recklessness.

Sentence for lunatic?

Here is a sentence for lunatic, "There are some behavior patterns  that may make you look like a lunatic." A lunatic is a mentally  challenged person.

What does a lunatic mean?

lunatic(n) one who is insane/crazy/foolish.

What is lunatic as an adjective?

The same word "lunatic" is used as a noun and its associated adjective. The noun actually means a lunatic person, someone who is insane or mentally unsound. The noun for the

What do you do if your sister is a lunatic?

I've got one of those too. I think they are stuck on Nuts for life! The country is full of it these days. They have had to much bad info for way to long! drive their loved one

What is a lunatic box?

Also called the English Booth, the Coffin or the Clock Case, the Lunatic Box was a wooden box into which an insane person was placed. Its purpose was to calm the mentally ill;
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What is the noun for lunatic?

The noun 'lunatic' is singular, common noun; an antiquated term for  an insane person, derived from the belief that a person was driven  mad by the changes in the moon.