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The word "lunatic" comes from the Latin "luna" meaning moon. This derives from the former belief that changes of the moon caused insanity.
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Where does the word lunatic come from?

  People once believed that madness was affected by the phases of the moon. A lunatic was thus someone afficted with "moon madness"

What does a lunatic mean?

lunatic(n) one who is insane/crazy/foolish.

What does lunatic have to do with the moon?

Is was thought that the Moon affected insane people, which is why the word Lunatic contains Luna which refers to the moon. It used to be believed (and some people still do b

How can you use the word lunatic in a sentence?

(adjective) His brother tried several lunatic schemes that he thought would make him rich. (noun) Someone considered mad, or a lunatic, may be confined to a mental asylum.

What is a lunatics?

A lunatic is someone who is very crazy or insane. They are people whose actions and manner are marked by extreme eccentricity or recklessness.

Where does lunatic come from?

The word "lunatic" comes from the latin word LUNAR which means moon. so lunatic means moon- crazy. but most people just mean crazy

How do you act like a lunatic for a play?

Everything is funny even when it is not. Its questionable what the sense is in your thinking. Try to make your actions and words as unorganized as you can. Modern society se