What is the origin of the phrase There are three women in a man's life The girl in the meadow the mother of his children and a tall quiet woman?

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well when girls get horny the get one
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What is the origin of the phrase 'the life of Riley'?

The phrase originated in the Irish/American community of the USA, in the early part of the 20th century. The first printed citation of it that I have found is from the Connect

Origin of the phrase the cobbler's children have no shoes?

Origin unknown; however the essence of this phrase is used to describe the phenomenon where certain 'professionals' in any given area are so busy with work for their clients a

Is it right for a Catholic woman that is separated from her husband to go to a married man's house with her two children while the man's wife and children are out of town?

Absolutely not. It is a step down from cheating and can only lead to there, Catholic or not. The man is married and you are, essentially, the other woman. You need to ask your

Where did the phrase girl Friday originate from?

In the novel Robinson Crusoe, Crusoe had a man he called Friday as his helper. Friday did just about anything Crusoe asked him to do. Girl Friday is a reference to a female wo

What is the origin of saving women and children first?

Because men are the supporters of the family, as it was always believed until the 20th century, men had to take care of the families. It was their job to protect them and fina

What is origin of phrase thank your mother for the rabbits?

Years ago, pregnancy tests were performed by injecting rabbits with the woman's urine. In order to see if the woman were pregnant the rabbit had to be killed, and its ovaries

What is the origin of phrase your lot in life?

ones lot was originally just ones portion or share or stake in something the abstract idea comes from the earlier word hlot meaning some object such as a straw or die or ch

What is the English phrase 'My children are my life' in Italian?

I miei figli sono la mia vita is an Italian equivalent of the English phrase "My children are my life." Specifically, the masculine plural definite article i means "the.