What is the other benefits of solar energy to man animals and pla?

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how does solar energy help the animals
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What is the benefit of solar energy?

Recent research has shown that solar energy provides a wide rangeof benefits. These advantages include geopolitical benefits,labor-intensive production regimes, minimized envi

Solar energy benefits?

it is an easy way to to get energy without wasting money, and they are great to use

Who benefits from solar energy?

solar energy consist of both heat energy and light energy.light energy is used by green plants and this energy is stored in food particles that is created in leaves.heat energ

How can solar energy benefit the environment?

I thing solar energy can be very much better than any other energy resource t o our future generation . It gives electric energy at the day time & at night from batteries wh

The cost and benefit of solar energy?

Costs: . Size of solar panels . cost, installation, maintenance . sun isn't always out Benefits: . renewable . takes nothing from planet . can be stored . decreases

What are the benefits of solar thermal energy?

\nUnlike its more popular partner, solar electricity, solar thermal technology doesn’t seem to receive the same type of public media coverage. That means people must stil

Does solar energy benefits the environment?

Yes. It uses much less energy from fossil fuels which are coal, oil, and natural gas. Instead, it uses sunlight which is a renewable resource. Fossil fuels are not a renewable

What are the benefit of solar energy?

Here are the benefits and disadvantages of solar power Advantage : Solar energy is a completely renewable resource. This means that even when we cannot make use of the sun
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What are 4 benefits of solar energy?

Four benefits of solar energy are: 1. It is perfectly renewable; no matter how much solar energy we use, the sun does not get used up. 2. It does not contribute to global war
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What is the other benefit of solar energy to man animals and plants?

What is the 1st benefit? What is the context? One benefit is that solar energy feeds all life starting with plants. The sun's photons are captured by plants to combine air (ca