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The term "muck fire" is a compound noun, with the noun fire modified by the noun muck as a noun adjunct (attributive noun).
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What are muck fires?

Muck fires are fires that burn underground. They are started  (usually in late winter/early spring in Florida) when buried  decomposing vegetation spontaneously combusts or

Can you stop a muck fire?

No, but you can slow it down with fire breaks and keeping the surrounding areas clear of dead brush, alert a local FD and let them handle the rest of the job. NEVER try to con

What is a muck fire and how do muck fires get started?

Muck fires are fires that burn underground. They get started by lightning hitting a dry area. They are most common in Tampa Bay, a place in Florida. They can burn for sometime

What is a muck fire?

Muck fires are underground fires under a layer of duff in marshy areas. Muck fires are started when lightning strikes the ground and starts to burn. THEY ARE MAINLY IN FLORIDA

What is the definition of muck fires?

Fires that are underground, usually in ligite soil

When do muck fires happen?

Good question Muck Fires are fires that are under ground.They can start two ways.One is if lightning hitting a very dry area.The other way is from littering.When you litter th

What is the definition of a muck fire?

The definition of muck fire is an underground fire that burn in or beneath decomposing materials like leaves and branches

What causes muck fires?

Answer   The cause of muck fires is called lignite, which burns when lightning hits it underground. They burn for weeks especially when hit by lightning.

How do muck fires happen?

When a Muck Fire start it is because lightening hit a dry area.

How many muck fires happen a year?

More than 100 muck fires have occurred during this year muck fires are started by lightning that hit a dry area.
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Facts about muck fires?

they are underground fires they can reach the surface they can burn for weeks the smoke can stay there for weeks as well