What is the poputation of Greenland?

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According to a 2007 estimation, the populaton is around 56, 344. In all honesty, however, the population is probably larger than that now.
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What continent is Greenland in?

Greenland is part of the North American Plate, so that makes itpart of the Continent of North America, although it is consideredto be European as it is an autonomous country within the Kingdom ofDenmark.

What is the religion of Greenland?

Search "Greenland's religion" Answer . Greenland's people are very strongly Lutheran. Up until 1953, the Lutheran Church was the state church with no freedom of religion. They are sometimes danish.

Where is Greenland?

Greenland is an autonomous region of the European country ofDenmark, and consists of a vast island stretching from the NorthAtlantic Ocean to the Arctic Ocean along the northeast coast ofNorth America. It lies immediately east of northern Canada. It is the largest island in the world, aside from th (MORE)

Who owns Greenland?

In 1721, Norwegian priest Hans Egede, under the auspices of the Danish king, went to Greenland to "rechristianize" the Norsemen that had settled there many hundreds of years earlier. The only problem was the Norse were long gone, having long since moved on to greener pastures. In any case, Egede's e (MORE)

Is Greenland in Europe?

It is governed by Denmark, which is in Europe. But it is located inNorth America on a large island near Canada.

What is it like to be in Greenland?

Hi My mother is Greenlandic so we go there every summer and if you want i can tell you how it is in Greenland: Is it freesing: In summer it's ok not like people immagine it, In winter it's sometimes really cold like -60° celsius but it is dry not humid so people can handle it. Can people (MORE)

How did Greenland get its name?

Answer The story of it being just clever advertising is widely told and believed, but it is a myth. At the time that Greenland was discovered, the Earth was a bit warmer and southern Greenland actually had green meadows and could sustain villages of Norse settlers and their cattle, sheep, goats, h (MORE)

Who discovered Greenland?

Leif Ericson is NOT correct! Erik the Red discovered and created a settlement on Greenland. Leif Erikson, his son, was born in Greenland, and explored and discovered Newfoundland and Vinland.

How does popution endanger animals and which animals in particular?

it endangers because they can eat it and die or it can get washed up on beaches and animals can get tangled in them and die or drownd and its a reson for global worming and if theres global warming there would be no more polar bears or penguins or any outher kind of ice animal that stays in the ice (MORE)

Size of Greenland?

The island of Greenland is quite large in size. It is 836,300square miles in area. It is located between the Arctic Ocean andthe Atlantic Ocean.

Is Greenland a medc?

Greenland can't be an M.E.D.C. since there is hardly anyone livingthere, and no international trade routes to speak of either.

Is Greenland a state?

No, Greenland is an island that is, I believe, a protectorate of Denmark. You're thinking of Iceland, which is ALSO not a state.

Why is Greenland not in the Olympics?

Greenland is a constitutional country of the Kingdom of Denmark, and is therefore not in the Olympics has no national Olympic committee but has applied for one so they will most probably be in the 2016 Olympics.

Why is it called Greenland?

Because when Erik the Red (Danish: Erik den Røde) first came back from Greenland, he wanted people to follow him to the new land. And therefore called it GreenLand (A Green Land), to attract people.

What is Greenland apart of?

Well, nobody really knows! Scientifically, its part of denmark, which, of course is in europe! But some say its in North America!!!\nThanks for reading!\n. \nMelisssaB

What continet is Greenland on?

My guess is Europe, since Greenland "belongs" to Denmark. That's incorrect. Greenland is geographically apart of North America. It is politically apart of Denmark, so it belongs to North America.

Why was Greenland called Greenland?

Although the coasts of the island are very green in the summer when they are ice-free, it may have been part of the colonization efforts by its discoverer, Erik the Red (Danish: Erik den Røde). After being exiled from Iceland, he returned there in 982, and called the new island Greenland, to attr (MORE)

How long is Greenland?

The country of Greenland covers an area of 836,300 square miles.This country is 1,290 kilometers wide and 2,670 kilometers long.

What are facts about Greenland?

Greenland is the biggest Island of the world. It covers an area of 2.166.086 km2. Up to 85 % is covered in ice. It is an autonomous part of the Danish kingdom.

What is the popution density of most of Australia?

On the Wallaby, Phil Lewis or Robbb, for example, will probably give a better answer than this, but I am thinking the answer is precisely Nil ! No one at all lives in most of Australia. Most of the Australians live either in the south east or in the coastal regions.

Who explored the Greenland?

The vikings explored it. Erik The Red originally sighted it while he was banished from his home land. Once he found Greenland he told others good things about it and brought people to live there.

What is the caoital of Greenland?

The capital city of Greenland is Nuuk. It was formerly known as Godthaab and is located at the South West sector of the island on the West Coast facing Canada about 200 miles from the Southern most point.

How did Greenland form?

Geologically, Greenland was originally a part of the continent Arctica. Throughout the millions of years, Greenland has been connected to the U.S. and Canada as what would become a continent known as Laurentia. Before this, Laurentia was part of Kenorland, Columbia, became independent, joined again (MORE)

What formed Greenland?

Iceland was formed by volcanic activity from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. It is the point of separation at the Eurasia crust and the American crust. i think Greenland was formed the same way, i looked EVERYWHERE on line and can find anything.

What can you do in Greenland?

nothing, its just a island 15 times bigger than the uk that is covered with snow so you can just have snowball fights

Why is Greenland populated?

Greenland is mainly populated by indigenous peoples. People have been in Greenland since prehistoric times. They did not see any reason to leave, obviously, as they established a culture to fit their habitat. Greenland also has a large population of Europeans, as Greenland has been under European co (MORE)

Is Greenland in Asia?

No...NT in Asia...It is a part of the continent of North America. Located between Arctic and Atlantic oceans.... "Greenland" the meaning of the word is Land of the Kalaallit people.The largest island in Greenland is also called 'Greenland'.

Is Greenland poor?

Greenland is located in the Arctic so what could this country be? Rich or poor? Well this big, far-north island is filled with mostly Inuit people and since they're from Greenland they are called Greenlander people.(I'm serious. Greenlander is the actual truth. I am not kidding. That's what the peop (MORE)

Is Greenland communist?

Yes. Greenland is the communist heartland of the North Atlantic. Most of the towns and villages that dot the coast are run as communes. Many former Soviet communists fled there after the collapse of the Berlin Wall.

Is Greenland in Europe'?

Physiographically Greenland is a part of the continent of North America, However, Greenland is politically and culturally associated with Europe. SO it depends on your point of view.

Why was Greenland called?

That is a good question. Greenland is more ice covered and Iceland is more green. They should be switched.

Which state is in Greenland?

Greenland is an autonomous country in the Kingdom of Denmark. It is not an independent sovereign state, and so no state is in Greenland.

How do you get a Greenland passport?

Greenland is not an independent country, it does not issuepassports. Greenland is part of Denmark. To get a Danish passport you need tobe a Danish citizen. The same applies for any passport, you need tobe a citizen of that country.

Does Greenland have animals?

In short; yes :) Some of these animals include the Polar Bear( Ursus maritimus ), Reindeer ( Rangifer tarandus ) andthe Arctic fox ( Alopex lagopus ). Other animals includemarine, like the humpback whale ( Megaptera novaeangliae ) anddifferent types of seal!

Is Greenland a mountain?

Greenland is the world's largest island. Three-quarters of theisland is covered by the only contemporary ice sheet outside ofAntarctica.