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What is the rate that Ebola spreads How quickly does is spread?

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Ebola virus kills so quickly that it rapidly runs out of people to infect.

(isabelle says)
Symptoms present as quickly as 24-72 hours from time of exposure, and death can occur as quickly as 1-7 days from symptom onset.
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How fast does the Ebola virus spread?

The Ebola virus spreads slowly due to it's form of transmission. To get it, you need to come in contact with an infected person's body fluids.

How does the Ebola virus spread?

Ebola occurs through skin contact with an infected person or his or  her body fluids, feces, body fluids, secretions, needles, by eating  animals with virus, and contact wit

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Depends on the density of the population in the area and weather (sometimes) and the how lethal the virus is. If a virus is dangerous enough to be called a pandemic, then it w