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What is the recipe for killing weeds using orange juice and vinegar?

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The recipe that uses orange juice and vinegar to kill weeds involves a 10 percent vinegar solution (with water, no need for orange juice).
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If a recipe calls for lemon juice can you substitute vinegar instead?

  You know whats funny? Somebody I know had the exact same problem the other day for salad dressing. Luckily they had lime juice in the fridge. Use that! It tastes exactly

Can orange juice kill plants?

Answer:   There are many folk-cures and hear-say remedies for growing plants, many if not most will end in weakening if not killing the plant, the best recourse is to kno

Is vinegar capable of killing weeds?

Yes, vinegar can kill weeds if it is weakly  diluted in water and if the area of application is compact enough.  But its effects will be non-selective and potentially fatal

What is the best fresh orange juice recipe?

The best orange juice recipe, is to take a bunch of fresh juicy oranges and squeeze them. Do not add any sugar or other liquids, the juice straight from the orange is the best

Can you use vinegar as a weed killer?

Yes you can use vinegar to control weeds however a mixture of vinegar and water has to be mostly vinegar and the weeds have to be very young. If you are trying to kill Thistle

Will salt and vinegar kill weeds?

Yes, salt and vinegar kills weeds. The above-mentioned home remedies operate as effective weed killers separately or together. They tend to affect nearby vegetation as well as

How effective is vinegar in killing weeds?

Vinegar can be very effective in killing weeds. Supermarket distilled white vinegar has a concentration of 5 percent and may be applied with minimal or no dilution depending u