What is the role of RBI?

I take it you mean the Reserve Bank of India.

  • Barring the emergence of any adverse and unexpected developments in various sectors of the economy, assuming that capital flows are effectively managed, and keeping in view the current assessment of the economy including the outlook for growth and inflation, the overall stance of monetary policy in 2008-09 will broadly continue to be:

    • To ensure a monetary and interest rate environment that accords high priority to price stability, well-anchored inflation expectations and orderly conditions in financial markets while being conducive to continuation of the growth momentum.

  • To respond swiftly on a continuing basis to the evolving constellation of adverse international developments and to the domestic situation impinging on inflation expectations, financial stability and growth momentum, with both conventional and unconventional measures, as appropriate.

  • To emphasise credit quality as well as credit delivery, in particular, for employment-intensive sectors, while pursuing financial inclusion.
  • (Taken from the RBI's Policy document.)
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When was RBI nationalized?

RBI,the cenral bank of the country establishe on 1st April,1935 and it was nationalished on 1st January,1949 to control Indian monetory system.
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Role of rbi in banking?

RBI stands for Reserve Bank of India. RBI is the governing body for all banks in India. It supervises the operations of all banks that operate in India. They decide the intere (MORE)

What does RBI stand for?

RBI in baseball stands for Runs Batted In. It is the amount of runs  scored in a game as a direct result of a particular batters at  bats. So, if there is a man on third and (MORE)

What is the role of rbi in India?

In any economy the government needs to be the neucleus of all econimic activity. Let to itself the government alone cannot look after all the aspects of the economic developme (MORE)
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Role of rbi in Indian economy?

Role of RBI in Indian economyIssuer of currency - Except for issuing one rupee notes and coins, RBI is the sole authority for the issue of currency in India. The Indian gover (MORE)

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What is the role of sbi in rbi?

State Bank of India (SBI) is the largest nationalized bank in India but it does not perform any role when it comes to Reserve Bank of India (RBI). The RBI is an independent en (MORE)

Features of RBI?

The acronym RBI stands for 'runs batted in'. This means that there  is one or more baserunners when a batter hits the ball causing one  of more of them to score. Any run tha (MORE)