What is the role of computer in statistics?

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It can help to create the statistics. Sometimes it is difficult to know the statistics are there if you do not see them on the computer.
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What are the roles of a Statistical Officer?

Statistical officers have many responsibilities including checkingsource data. They may also be responsible for check code data andcompile reports and charts to receive analys

What is the role of statistics in scientific inquiry?

Statistics (tests, and not just summarized data) really does one basic thing. When I design and carry out some experimental model, clearly it is to see if the treatments that

What is the role of statistics in food epidemiology?

BACKGROUND\n. \nThe role of statistics in food epidemiology provides a method to follow and interpret trends in a given population for a given source. \n. \nData is collect

What is the role of statistics in medicine statistics?

For decades, biostatistics has played an integral role in modern medicine in everything from analyzing data to determining if a treatment will work to developing clinical tria

How the role of statistics is used in research?

Statistics is used to design the experiment (what type of data needs to be obtained and how much), then statistics is used to analyze the data (make inferences and draw conclu

What is the role of statistics in daily life?

In today's world we are faced with situation everyday where statistic applied.Statistics can be used to determine the potential outcome of thousands of things where the human

What is the role of inferential statistics in business?

inferential statistics tries to infer from the sample data what the population might think. They can use inferential statistics to make judgments of the probability that an ob

What is the role of statistics in marketing research?

Role of Statistics starts when we are interested in getting information from the data we are having. Making research we can generate data. But most of the time looking simply

The role of statistics in mass communication?

Statistics is the science of collecting, organizing, processing , analyzing and interpreting data. Through statistics, we can get meaningful information out of massive amount
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The role of statistic in electrical engineering?

Over the past few years the EU has begun taking some steps against the spread of nuclear weapons within its Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP). At the Thessaloniki Summ
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Roles of a inferential statistics in statistics?

Statistics is a general field of numeric quantities and what they represent. For example, a statistic may be inferential or descriptive. Inferential statistics are special kin
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What is the role of statistical analysis in simulation?

Statistical analysis is essential to identifying the critical factors in simulation. Performing the analysis of variance is to ensure the proper selection of significant facto