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What is the scientific field that studies genomes?

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What is the scientific study of the universe?

Cosmology or astronomy are the scientific studies of the universe. Cosmology, is the study of the origin, evolution, and eventual fate of the universe. Astronomy is the study (MORE)

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Why do scientists want to study the human genome?

Primarily to understand the mechanism which control the human body. This allows for numerous potential advances in medicine for the treatment of disorders and diseases.

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What is the scientific study of the flower is called as?

Floriculture is the study of growing flowering plants. A floriculturist is a person who specializes in growing and cultivating flowers. If you're just talking about the study (MORE)

What We Can Learn From the Platypus Genome

The human genome project ended in 2003, providing a detailed map of all human genes. Several other mammalian genomes are now available, and scientists can use this information (MORE)

What is a Scientific Theory?

The word theory has a different meaning in science and everyday English. A scientific theory is an explanation that's been tested repeatedly and remains the best explanation f (MORE)

Scientific Strategies to Study for College Exams

For many students, college exams represent a single reality: frantic, caffeine-assisted, all-night review sessions. However, research indicates that such "cramming" not only l (MORE)

An Introduction to the Scientific Method

The scientific method is a cycle of steps that many scientists use in order to explain the natural world. Scientists begin with observations that lead to questions and tentati (MORE)

How Do You Conduct Scientific Method Experiments?

Many scientists conduct controlled experiments as part of the scientific method of inquiry. In controlled experiments, two groups are compared in order to determine the effect (MORE)

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What was the Human Genome Project's contribution to the study of genetics?

  Answer     The Human Genome Project's purpose is to analyze and map the entire human genome -- that is, to determine all the genes that are involved in human b (MORE)

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Why psychology is a scientific study?

  psychology   it is scientific because it deals with observed behaviour and scientifically proven behaviours.it uses the evidence or research information from scien (MORE)

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What is the scientific name for the study of shopping?

There isn't a formal scientific name for the study of shopping but in March 1992 Amanda Wavers of Los Angeles informally named the study merchanology. Merchan is the Greek wor (MORE)

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What is a genome?

a genome is all the genetic material in an organism including it chromosomes, genes and DNA.
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