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What is the scientific field that studies genomes?

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In 2008 you released Long Story Short, a documentary about your parents. Can you tell us about the story?

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Why politics is studied scientifically?

There are several ways to approach any subject. One way is with anecdotal evidence, which is where you gather up personal stories and recollections from a number of people. Th (MORE)
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What is the scientific study of the flower is called as?

Floriculture is the study of growing flowering plants. A floriculturist is a person who specializes in growing and cultivating flowers. If you're just talking about the study (MORE)

Why do scientists want to study the human genome?

Primarily to understand the mechanism which control the human body. This allows for numerous potential advances in medicine for the treatment of disorders and diseases.
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Explaining Analytical Chemistry

Many substances found in the world are complex, intricate, and difficult to understand. Oftentimes, it can be easier to solve a complicated problem by breaking the problem dow (MORE)
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Is Alcoholism an Inherited Disease?

Alcoholism is widely acknowledged as a disease in the medical and popular communities. Among a variety of factors that can lead to alcoholism, genetic inheritance of the disea (MORE)

How Cell Biology Forms a Basis for the Study of Life

Cell biology is a scientific discipline that focuses on the building blocks of life. This compelling subdivision of biology came into existence with the invention of the micro (MORE)

Why is psychology considered a scientific study?

Some people think psychology is a jumble of caged rats and statistics, but others maintain that it is susceptible to the scientific method, and thus it must be a scientific st (MORE)
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What was the Human Genome Project's contribution to the study of genetics?

  Answer     The Human Genome Project's purpose is to analyze and map the entire human genome -- that is, to determine all the genes that are involved in human b (MORE)

Why psychology is a scientific study?

  psychology   it is scientific because it deals with observed behaviour and scientifically proven uses the evidence or research information from scien (MORE)

Interesting Articles About Cloning in Biology

Cloning has been a hot topic in biology since the idea was first suggested. With issues that cover ethics and morality as well as unforeseen possible consequences and uses, th (MORE)