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What is the scientific field that studies genomes?

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What is the scientific study of the universe?

Cosmology or astronomy are the scientific studies of the universe. Cosmology, is the study of the origin, evolution, and eventual fate of the universe. Astronomy is the study (MORE)

Why politics is studied scientifically?

There are several ways to approach any subject. One way is with anecdotal evidence, which is where you gather up personal stories and recollections from a number of people. Th (MORE)
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What is the scientific study of the flower is called as?

Floriculture is the study of growing flowering plants. A floriculturist is a person who specializes in growing and cultivating flowers. If you're just talking about the study (MORE)
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A Brief Guide to Psychology Field Study

Most people think academics do nothing else but bury their heads in stacks and stacks of books. Very few realize that studying and research offer fabulous perks like traveling (MORE)

Scientific Strategies to Study for College Exams

For many students, college exams represent a single reality: frantic, caffeine-assisted, all-night review sessions. However, research indicates that such "cramming" (MORE)

10 Craziest Scientific Studies Ever Conducted

Scientific studies can lead to groundbreaking findings that improve our daily lives. But for these 10 studies, we can't believe that they got funding to actually research thes (MORE)

How to use the Scientific Method in Psychology

Every scientific field uses the scientific method to conduct experiments. Using the scientific method in psychology helps psychologists to organize a study and collect and org (MORE)

What is a Scientific Theory?

The word theory has a different meaning in science and everyday English. A scientific theory is an explanation that's been tested repeatedly and remains the best explanation f (MORE)
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What was the Human Genome Project's contribution to the study of genetics?

  Answer     The Human Genome Project's purpose is to analyze and map the entire human genome -- that is, to determine all the genes that are involved in human b (MORE)
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What is scientific study of rays called?

In the field of physics, that rather depends on the frequency. Optics in the case of light waves; Acoustics in the case of audio (pressure/velocity) waves; radio-physics in th (MORE)